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5. In the Export Configuration dialog box, choose a location and name for the .xml file and click Export. When the export finishes, click OK. 6. On the Export The ISA Server Configuration page, click Next. 7. On the Internal Network IP Address page, shown in Figure 7-9, confirm that all internal network addresses are listed. Modify the address ranges if required. Click Next.
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1. Which of the following are true of the Graphics class (Choose all that apply.) A. The Graphics class encapsulates Pens and Brushes that can be used to ren der graphics. B. The Graphics class represents a drawing surface, such as one exposed by a form or control. C. The Graphics class provides a variety of methods that can be used to render line shapes and filled shapes. D. You can obtain a reference to an instance of the Graphics class by calling Control.CreateGraphics or from an instance of PaintEventArgs in the OnPaint method.
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Now this application runs within the browser, but with Windows 7 you re likely to want to have an application running on your shiny new desktop. So in the next section, we ll explain how you can do exactly this make your application run out of the browser.
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Figure 6-3 Searching for a shared folder
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In the following practice session, you obtain an estimated execution plan for a query against a table in the AdventureWorks database. The practice uses the SSMS graphical execution plan. You can extend the practice by using other methods described in this lesson to capture query plan statistics.
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A configured dial-up remote access policy profile
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As mentioned above, CLR routines can outperform XPs when the intent is to simply obtain some data and return it to the client. For code that does not involve data access or sending results, comparing the performance of XPs and managed code is a matter of comparing managed code with native code. In general, managed code cannot beat the performance of native code in these scenarios. Furthermore, there is an additional cost during transitions
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Tip If you are going to mirror the system volume, do so on one or two SCSI controllers. If you use two controllers, make sure they are of the same type. This configuration will be the most easily supported and recovered.
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Lesson 2: Constructing Print Documents
Module Execution Context
figURE 6-3 The directory structure created by Windows Deployment Services
Tables, Data Types, and Declarative Data Integrity
You can think of an implicit constraint as a business or organizational rule. An example might be that all employees within a particular department always have a salary range between 40 and 60 thousand dollars a year. To make this implicit constraint explicit, you must devise a way to ensure that the database does not allow users to enter values outside this range.
have been modified can be overwritten by restorations of tapes made later in the week.
You can set these controls either in the Properties window at design time or in code, as shown in the following example:
SQL Server database
Two x86 Family 6 Model 7 Stepping 3 GenuineIntel ~500 MHz 256 MB RAM Three Ethernet 802.3 100 Mbps Network Adapter Cards Six subnets, where four of them were separated from the test DHCP server by routers running the DHCP Relay Agent service Windows Server 2003, Enterprise Edition Operating System Approximately 5,000 scopes DHCP database size 2 GB Several thousand exclusion ranges, option values, and reservations
Tip By default, Windows assumes that Monitor 2 is to the right of Monitor 1 (your mobile PC screen). If this isn t the case, drag the image of Monitor 1 or Monitor 2 into the appropriate position. 3 4
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