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Although most settings are applied during a background policy refresh, some CSEs do not apply the setting until the next startup or logon event. Newly added startup and logon script policies, for example, will not run until the next computer startup or logon. Software installation, discussed in 7, will occur at the next startup if the software is assigned in computer settings. Changes to folder redirection policies will not take effect until the next logon.
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Files and Folders
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C. Open the DNS console. In the properties dialog box for each server, access the Start Of Authority (SOA) tab, and specify a new minimum default TTL. D. Open the DNS console. For each server, from the Action menu select Set Aging/ Scavenging For All Zones. Select the Scavenge Stale Resource Records check box.
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Since Active Directory and DNS namespaces are linked and you are almost certain to be connecting most networks to the Internet, you need to take into account how your naming strategy fits into the Internet namespace and works with the company s regis tered DNS name. You have several options at your disposal, including:
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Lesson 1
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Using Delegates
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To resolve computer names, the DNS Client service in Windows Server 2003 always attempts DNS name resolution before NetBIOS name resolution. Both NetBIOS names and DNS names are based on the name you assign a com puter in the System Properties dialog box. If you assign a computer name longer than 15 characters, NetBIOS uses a version of the name that is truncated to 15 characters.
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Do you know what these key terms mean You can check your answers by looking up the terms in the glossary at the end of the book. command-line utility Internet Information Services (IIS) message-based activation virtual directory
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Opening a Form or Web Page with LinkLabel
Deal with server crashes resulting from too many requests for service
Active Directory Certificate Services and Public Key Infrastructures
' VB aButton.SetFlowBreak(FLPanel1) // C# aButton.SetFlowBreak(FLPanel1);
Lesson Review
2. What is the recommended way to configure the Automatic Updates feature in Windows XP
Planning and Installing ISA Server 2004.
Lesson 1: Performing Message Tracking
Working with Windows System Resource Manager
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