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Practice 1
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Lesson 1: Authenticating and Authorizing Users
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In this practice, you log on to the domain as Don Hall and then as Keith Harris and send e-mail messages that you then track in the next practice. These messages also generate statistics that you view in the practice session in Lesson 2. If you have not created the users Don Hall and Keith Harris, you can use other user accounts, but you then need to amend the practices accordingly. You need to be able to log on to the tailspintoys.internal domain by using the Don Hall and Keith Harris user accounts. If you do not have a client computer on your network, then you can enable the accounts to log on to your domain controller by placing them
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Troubleshooting Lab
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attempting to troubleshoot the access problem. Additionally, log failed access attempts so that administrators can analyze the events to detect potential compromises. For example, the following code calls a method named AdministratorsOnlyMethod (not shown) that is protected with a declarative RBS demand and displays a message box if the user lacks the necessary permission:
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Properties. In the Device Usage drop-down list on the General tab, select Do Not Use This Device (Disable).
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Read, write, and validate XML by using the XmlReader class and the XmlWriter class.
Internet. Some published Web sites may include references to internal names of computers other than the server listed in the Web publishing rule. If these internal computer names are not accessible to clients outside the network, these references will appear as broken links. ISA Server includes a link translation feature to ensure that the information on these servers is accessible to Internet clients without requiring that the internal server names be revealed or accessible.
Database Mirroring Endpoints
Quick Check
ISA Server provides several levels of link translation functionality so that you can provide the appropriate level of link connectivity:
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