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Supporting Microsoft Internet Explorer
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Subscribing to a feed
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Why This Matters
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See Line Printer Daemon (LPD).
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Within the Contoso company users are members of global groups. (A global group represents a role for a collection of users, which might include their job function, location, or organizational position.) Members of the accounting department in Adventure Works belong to the Adventureworks\Accountants global group. Similarly, accountants who work for Blue Yonder Airlines belong to the Accountants global group in the BlueYonderAirlines domain. In Windows 2000 native and Windows Server 2003 domain functional levels, global groups may occasionally be members of universal groups. (A universal group represents a role that spans multiple domains in the forest.) A universal group
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When in doubt, mark a class as Serializable. Even if you do not need to serialize it now, you might need serialization later. Or another developer might need to serialize a derived class. Mark calculated or temporary members as NonSerialized. For example, if you track the current thread ID in a member variable, the thread ID is likely to not be valid upon deserialization. Therefore, you should not store it. Use SoapFormatter when you require portability. Use BinaryFormatter for greatest efficiency.
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Creating XML Data Type Secondary Indexes
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// C# // Get Korean encoding Encoding e = Encoding.GetEncoding("Korean"); // Convert ASCII bytes to Korean encoding byte[] encoded; encoded = e.GetBytes("Hello, world!"); // Display the byte codes for (int i = 0; i < encoded.Length; i++) Console.WriteLine("Byte {0}: {1}", i, encoded[i]);
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3. Describe the reasons you might want to disable site-link transitivity.
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Review the functionality and feature set of each SQL Server 2005 edition against a current installation or application to determine which features are required in the current installation or by your application. Review the infrastructure requirements of each edition of SQL Server 2005 against a current installation or application to determine which features are required in the current installation or by your application.
Creating Trace Listeners
// Creates a new XmlDeclaration and sets the encoding value to ISO-8859-1
The Explorer bar was introduced briefly in the preceding section, but there are other Explorer bar options. To access these options, from the View menu, point to Explorer Bar, and select from the following:
B. Use the General tab of the Options dialog box in both programs to set the Docu ments location to the D drive. C. Use the Save tab of the Options dialog box in both programs to set the Documents location to the D drive. D. You cannot make this change in Word or Excel. The best option is to create a shortcut to the D drive in the My Documents folder.
Correct Answers: A, D, and F A. Correct: The Kerberos version 5 security protocol can be used for authentication if a Windows 2000 or Windows Server 2003 Active Directory domain, or a trusted Active Directory domain, validates the source and destination computers. B. Incorrect: L2TP is a tunneling encapsulation protocol. It is not used for authen tication. C. Incorrect: Microsoft Point-to-Point Encryption is used for encryption, not authentication. D. Correct: This setting uses a public key certificate for authentication. If the name of the CA is not displayed, the Exclude The CA Name From The Certificate Request check box was selected when the policy was created. E. Incorrect: The Encryption File System is used to protect confidential files on NTFS-formatted hard disks. It is not an IPSec policy option. F. Correct: The same key is specified on the source and destination computers. This setting is valid, but it is a weak method of authentication and its use is not recommended.
Supporting Network Connectivity
If you have multiple IP addresses connected to the appropriate network on the ISA Server computer, you can also configure the server publishing rule to listen on all IP addresses for the network, or only a specific address.
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