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5. At design time, use the Aggregation Design Wizard.
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Migrating from Windows XP It is not possible to upgrade directly from Windows XP to Windows 7. If you attempt an upgrade, you receive the message shown in Figure 1-15. Organizations that want to move users from computers running Windows XP to Windows 7 need to consider migration.
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2. Which techniques will you use to protect each of the addButton_Click, subtractButton_Click, divideButton_Click, and multiply methods
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Printing in Windows Forms
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mODifying a prOject Data sOurce
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Open Database Connectivity
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Lesson 1
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Configuring Disks and Volumes
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network, make sure it is plugged into the network. If you are using ICS, make sure the ICS computer is switched on and running, otherwise none of the other computers will connect to the Internet. If the computers on your network get their IPv4 configurations from a third-party WAP, make sure the WAP is switched on and connected to the modem. For a computer running Windows 7 to connect to other computers on a LAN, Network Discovery needs to be enabled on both the source and destination computers. Network Discovery is enabled by default, but if you are having problems accessing other computers, check this setting by clicking Change Advanced Sharing Settings in the Network And Sharing Center. Figure 6-5 shows the Advanced Sharing Settings dialog box.
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Configuring Connections and Connecting to Data
Lesson 2: Gathering Upgrade Information
In this practice, you will plan NTFS permissions for folders and files based on a business scenario. Then you will apply NTFS permissions for folders and files on your computer running Windows XP Professional in a workgroup environment, based on a second scenario. Finally, you will test the NTFS permissions that you set up to make sure that they are working properly.
Lesson 4: Tracing and Monitoring SSAS Instances
Manage and Troubleshoot Access to Shared Folders
Lesson 6: Resolving Blocking and Deadlocking Issues
The Readiness Review Suite
Figure 12-20
private const string cQueueName = @".\private$\ShippingInbox"; static void Main(string[] args)
Bruce Johnson How can such seemingly simple things be so complicated How to create a string Access data These are fundamentals that every programmer learns while still in diapers (relatively speaking). But here is a lesson devoted to the best way to approach these simple things. Has the world gone mad Well, no, it hasn t. But the complexity of the systems that we write and the demands placed upon us by financial auditors, security experts, and users who demand subsecond response times mean that we need to pay more attention to the minutiae than we would like. The good news is that once you have used the techniques for a short time, you won t forget them. The bad news is that to learn the techniques, you need to start by reading this lesson. Sorry there isn t a better way.
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