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anElement = myDoc.CreateElement("Test");
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Datacenter Edition
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Managing XML Data
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By default, Windows places the second screen (in this case, the projector) to the right of the first one. The two separate screens work like one large desktop. For example, if you move the mouse to the right while you are on Monitor 1, your cursor moves to Monitor 2. Just as you can move your cursor between screens, you can drag icons and programs between Monitors 1 and 2. You can also change the position of Monitor 2 to better reflect the physical position of the screen in the conference room. For example, if the projector screen is to your left, it might be easier to have the projector screen configured as Monitor 1 so you can scroll left with the mouse. In this exercise, you will change the position of Monitor 2 to better reflect its physical position.
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Most non Plug and Play hardware requires manual installation. Although it is rare these days to find computers running Windows XP Professional that still use non Plug and Play hardware, it does happen on occasion, so you should understand how to install and configure hardware manually. To manually install hardware, first determine
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Maintaining the Operating System
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SELECT CT.* FROM CHANGETABLE(CHANGES ProspectiveBuyer , @last_synchronization_version) AS CT
Convention multi(x) | scsi(x)
Suspending and exporting messages
Table 10-6
Figure 8-1 Data Sources window displaying the Customers, Orders, and Order Details tables from the NorthwindDataSet
Network News Transfer Protocol (NNTP) A protocol defined for distribution, inquiry, retrieval, and posting of news articles on the Internet. newsgroup On the Internet, a distributed bulletin board system about a particular topic. USENET News (also known as Netnews) is a system that distributes thousands of newsgroups to all parts of the Internet.
Configuring striping with parity
Wireless connection to the Internet for e-mail, Web access, and more
Lesson 2
To analyze network traffic, you need to use a protocol analyzer such as Network Mon itor. You can install Network Monitor by using the Windows Components Wizard. This wizard is available through the Welcome To Microsoft Windows Server 2003 screen or through the Add Or Remove Programs tool in Control Panel.
Managing Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Disk Storage
Lesson Review
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