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You must have permissions to create a computer object in Active Directory. Administrators and Account Operators have sufficient permissions, and permissions can be delegated to other users or groups. When creating a computer object, you can specify what user or group can join the computer to the domain using that account. Active Directory Users And Computers allows you to create, modify, delete, disable, enable, and reset computer objects. From the command prompt, you can create a computer object with Dsadd Computer and modify its properties using Dsmod Computer. Dsmod Computer is also used to reset, disable, and enable a computer object. Dsrm will remove a computer object. The support tool, Netdom, includes numerous switches to achieve similar tasks. A common troubleshooting recovery includes re-creating or resetting a computer account, removing the computer from the domain, and rejoining the domain.
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Figure 9-31
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Internet connectivity problems involving modems occur for a variety of reasons. A problem can be caused by something as simple as dialing an incorrect phone number or having the connection automatically disconnect after a period of time or something as complicated as an improperly configured name server address. In this section, you learn about the most common problems with configured Internet connections; later, you will learn about more complicated name-resolution problems. Users often report connectivity problems that are fairly common. These include:
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Online forums, guest books, and comment pages in which user input is displayed to other users Dynamically generated pages that display request parameters
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To complete this practice, you must have completed the practice in the previous lesson, or you must have some files you have backed up by using the Backup Utility that you can restore.
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Microsoft makes the tools for creating boot floppy disks for Windows XP Professional Edition and Windows XP Home Edition available for download. Visit http:// and search by using the keywords Windows XP boot floppy to locate these utilities.
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Tab Members Member Of
subnet mask
User Administratively HKCU\Software\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\NetCache\AssignedOfflineFolders\ Configuration\Administrative assigned offline files Templates\Network\Offline Files User Turn off reminder Configuration\Administrative balloons Templates\Network\Offline Files User Reminder balloon Configuration\Administrative frequency Templates\Network\Offline Files User Initial reminder Configuration\Administrative balloon lifetime Templates\Network\Offline Files User Reminder balloon Configuration\Administrative lifetime Templates\Network\Offline Files User Event logging level Configuration\Administrative Templates\Network\Offline Files HKCU\Software\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\NetCache\NoReminders
Digital cameras
During a recovery operation, the log file(s) are scanned for the final sector that was written; the log records can then be used to return the database to the appropriate transactional state. Mirroring and Remote Mirroring Mirroring is a common data redundancy and emergency recovery practice. Mirroring can be implemented at a software or hardware level. Mirroring installations have historically been physical implementations of locally attached hardware cabinets. Recent advances in remote mirroring technologies have made it possible to maintain mirrors across long distances. Several types of mirroring implementations are on the market. Some implementations are cache-based; others ensure that the I/O takes place at all mirrored locations before the I/O request is considered complete. Whatever the implementation, write ordering must be maintained. SQL Server considers a mirror to be a stable-media, point-in-time copy of the primary data. Point in time is an important aspect of this. Strict maintenance of the WAL requirements must occur on the mirrored subsystem to maintain the ACID properties of the data. The mirrored subsystem must mimic the exact points in time as experienced in the primary data. For example, many high-end installations contain multiple I/O storage devices. If database log files are placed on one mirror set and data files on another mirror set, write ordering cannot be directly maintained across the separate hardware components. Without extended capabilities, the log and data page write order on the mirror devices cannot be maintained with point-in-time capabilities. Extended mirror capabilities are needed to ensure that write ordering can be maintained across multiple physical mirrored devices. These are often referred to as Mirror Groups or Consistency Groups. Forced Unit Access (FUA) Forced Unit Access (FUA) occurs when a file is opened (by using CreateFile) with the FILE_FLAG_WRITETHROUGH flag. SQL Server opens all database and log files with this flag. The flag indicates that on any write request, the FUA bit should be sent with the request to the subsystem. This bit indicates to the subsystem that data must reach stable media before the I/O is to be considered complete and the operating system signaled that the I/O is complete. No intermediate cache should be used that is not considered stable media. In other words, the write should go directly to the stable media; this process is called writethrough.
System System.Collections System.Diagnostics System.Net System.Reflection System.Runtime.Remoting System.Runtime.Remoting.Channels System.Security.Principal
Debugging Web applications on a remote computer is particularly challenging as a standard user, because by default it requires the user performing the debugging to be a member of the Administrators group. There is only one way to work around this: the user performing the debugging must be the same user account the Web application is using. Given these conditions, you can debug a Web application on a remote server in two ways:
In all modes, the user interface when you re taking the test is basically the same, but with different options enabled or disabled depending on the mode. The main options are discussed in the previous section, Lesson Review Options. When you review your answer to an individual practice test question, a References section is provided that lists where in the training kit you can find the information that relates to that question and provides links to other sources of information. After you click Test Results to score your entire practice test, you can click the Learning Plan tab to see a list of references for every objective.
Permissions templates, visible on the Security tab in the first dialog box are bundles of special permissions, which are fully enumerated in the third dialog box, Permissions Entry For Docs. Most of the templates and special permissions are self-explanatory, while others are beyond the scope of this book. However, the following points are worth noting:
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