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One of the most common reasons why Web and server publishing rules fail is because of DNS resolution errors. If you see an exam question where users on one network can access a resource using the FQDN but users on another network cannot, then check the DNS resolution configuration. Firewall clients and Web proxy clients do not require a split DNS configuration to access the internal Web sites as they can use the Internet IP address to access the internal server. However, SecureNAT clients cannot connect to the internal Web servers using an Internet IP address so you must deploy a split DNS configuration for SecureNAT clients to access internal Web sites. If the ISA Server computer has multiple network adapters or multiple IP addresses associated with a specific network, remember that you can configure Web listeners or server publishing rules to listen on one or all of the IP addresses on that network. If you use a server name as the published server when you configure a Web publishing rule, the ISA Server computer must be able to resolve the DNS name for the internal Web server. SSL settings are configured on each publishing rule. This means that you can have one Web publishing rule that requires SSL connections to both client and server, and have another rule that requires only SSL connections between the ISA Server and the client computers. If you have multiple Web listeners (which requires multiple IP addresses on the relevant network), you can even use different certificates to authenticate the ISA Server computer. In order to redirect client requests to multiple back-end servers, you must configure multiple Web publishing rules. Each Web publishing rule can only redirect client requests to a single Web server. By default, Web publishing rules and secure Web publishing rules grant access to the All Users user set, which includes anonymous, or unauthenticated, users. To limit access to a Web publishing rule, remove the All Users user set and add the All Authenticated Users or a specific user set. If you are publishing resources using a server publishing rule, you can only configure authentication on the server hosting the internal resource. You cannot configure authentication on a server publishing rule.
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A default installation of Windows computers allows you to begin networking imme diately, provided that your network consists of a single network segment of physi cally connected computers running any versions of Windows since Windows 98. By default, and in the absence of a DHCP server, Windows Server 2003 assigns detected connections with an IP address in the range of You can view connections currently configured on your computer by using the Network Connections window or menu. If you want to configure additional network connections, such as dial-up connections, use the New Connection Wizard. To view the network components bound to any particular connection, open the properties dialog box associated with that connection. By default, Client For Microsoft Networks, File And Printer Sharing For Microsoft Networks, and the Internet Protocol are bound to each connection. The Advanced Settings dialog box, accessible through the Network Connections window, shows the binding order of network protocols, network services, network providers, and print providers, all of which can be modified.
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Contact Class Fields _contactId _email _firstName _isDirty _isNew _lastName _middleName _phone _suffix _title _version Properties ContactId Email FirstName FullName LastName MiddleName Phone Suffix Title Methods Contact (+ 1 overload) CreateNewContact Delete GetAllContacts GetContact Save A typical business object completely handcode with ADO.NET
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2. In new applications, specify a particular method to handle processing. For migrations, change the return type of the ProcessMessage method, depending on what tasks the filter is to perform. Table 10-4 illustrates when each should be used.
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When you browse to a webpage that provides news feeds, you can subscribe to one or more of these feeds. You can access subscribed feeds through the Favorites Center in IE7+. IE7+ updates the information from subscribed feeds in the background whenever you are logged on. You can read the information provided by subscribed news feeds whether you are logged on or logged off. The Print Preview and Page Setup controls enable you to configure how a webpage appears when you print it out. You can enter variables in the Page Setup dialog box that control the content and format of the page headers and footers. You can add other search providers to the IE7+ Search bar.
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The rules are currently disabled. Which rules should you enable to allow all traffic from the Wangaratta site to the Internal network and all traffic from the Internal network to the Wangaratta network over the VPN site-to-site link (Choose all that apply.)
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' VB Dim TotalCostParameter as New SqlParameter
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Page 10-70
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Lesson 1: Querying Data
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well as overwriting the more recent files (Friday s tape) with older ones (Monday s tape).
Handling Exceptions
Exercise 1 Create an Additional DC with the Active Directory Domain Services Installation Wizard In this exercise, you will use the Active Directory Domain Services Installation Wizard (Dcpromo.exe) to create an additional domain controller in the contoso.com domain. You will not complete the installation, however. Instead, you will save the settings as an answer file, which will be used in the next exercise. 1. Log on to SERVER02 as CONTOSO\Administrator. 2. Click Start, click Run, type Dcpromo.exe, and press Enter. 3. Click Next. 4. On the Operating System Compatibility page, review the warning about the default security settings for Windows Server 2008 domain controllers, and then click Next. 5. On the Choose A Deployment Configuration page, select Existing Forest, select Add A Domain Controller To An Existing Domain, and then click Next. 6. On the Network Credentials page, type contoso.com in the text box, select My Current Logged On Credentials, and then click Next. 7. On the Select A Domain page, select contoso.com and click Next. 8. On the Select A Site page, select Default-First-Site-Name and click Next. The Additional Domain Controller Options page appears. DNS Server and Global Catalog are selected by default. 9. Clear the Global Catalog and DNS Server check boxes, and then click Next. An Infrastructure Master Configuration Conflict warning appears. You will learn about the infrastructure master in Lesson 2, so you will ignore this error.
Select the Platform option for the target computer you want to install and click Next. The MDT Package page appears, as shown in Figure 7-26.
The service confirmation page indicates that the service is available
take a moment to review the Lesson Summaries after Lessons 1 and 4.
A unit test may call an application stub or a simple interface. This allows a developer to continue working on his or her code while another developer finishes the interface stub. This is acceptable for unit testing. However, integration tests should always call the real code being tested through integration.
Concerned about security, you have configured a Server Publishing rule to allow Terminal Server or Remote Desktop connections from the Internet to a particular server located on your organization s perimeter network. The server s FQDN is moward.contoso.com. The rule is set to allow traffic from the External network. The rules schedule is shown here.
Configuring Power Schemes . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7-24
Answers to these questions and explanations of why each answer choice is right or wrong are located in the Answers section at the end of the book.
Windows Server 2003, which can handle a large number of connections, and supports Apple Macintosh and UNIX computers as well as Novell NetWare clients. Windows XP Professional, which is limited to 10 concurrent connections from other computers for file and print services. It does not support Macintosh computers or NetWare clients but does support UNIX computers.
Configure SOAP messages.
Maintaining Internet Explorer is an important task, but many end users either do not take the time to maintain it or do not know what should be done or how often. As a DST, you will be called on to help end users resolve problems that stem from this lack of maintenance.
Dim TopMargin As Single = e.MarginBounds.Top Dim MyLines As Single = 0 Dim YPosition As Single = 0 Dim Counter As Integer = 0 Dim CurrentLine As String ' Calculate the number of lines per page. MyLines = e.MarginBounds.Height / myFont.GetHeight(e.Graphics) ' Prints each line of the array, but stops at the end of a page While Counter < MyLines And ArrayCounter <= myStrings.Length -1
Counter Under Processor, choose %Processor Time
figure 2-17 A package can have a breakpoint enabled at any task or container, such as on the Data Flow
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