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When a domain controller is added to the domain, it advertises its services by creating Service Locator (SRV) records, also called locator records, in DNS. Unlike host records (A records), which map host names to IP addresses, SRV records map services to host names. The domain controller advertises its ability to provide authentication and directory access by registering Kerberos and LDAP SRV records. These SRV records are added to several folders within the DNS zones for the forest. The first folder is within the domain zone. It is called _tcp and it contains the SRV records for all domain controllers in the domain. The second folder is specific to this site, in which the domain controller is located, with the path _sites\sitename\_tcp, where sitename is the name of the site. In Figure 11-6, you can see the Kerberos and LDAP SRV records for SERVER02.contoso.com in its site, _sites\BRANCHA\_tcp. You can also see the _tcp folder at the first level beneath the zone.
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Lesson 2: implementing Scripts by Using Windows PowerShell
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bNode = aNode.CloneNode()
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To create a room mailbox, start the Exchange Management Console, expand Recipient Configuration, and click Mailbox. Selecting New Mailbox in the Actions pane starts the New Mailbox Wizard. On the wizard s Introduction page, select Room Mailbox. On the User Type page, select New User. On the Mailbox Information page, complete the Organizational Unit, First Name, Initials, Last Name, User Name, User Logon Name, User Logon Name (User Principal Name), User Logon Name (pre-Windows 2000), Password, and Confirm Password fields as appropriate (or leave them blank or accept the default). You are unlikely to select User Must Change Password At Next Logon because the user is a resource and never logs on. On the Mailbox Settings page, specify the Alias, Sever, Storage Group, and Mailbox Database fields as appropriate. You can also choose to select the Managed Folder Mailbox Policy and the Exchange ActiveSync Mailbox Policy check boxes if you want to specify predefined policies. Complete the wizard as you did previously when creating a mailbox-enabled user. You will create a room mailbox in the practice session later in this lesson.
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The best way to discuss the structure of a configuration file and how it relates to WSE 3.0 is to show a sample configuration file and discuss each portion of it from there. The basic hierarchy for configuration elements is shown in Figure 9-4.
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b. Select Automatically Detect Settings if the client computer should automatically attempt to find the ISA Server computer. c. Select Use Automatic Configuration Script if the Web browser on the Firewall Client computer should use configuration information that is contained in the specified automatic configuration script. If you select this option, specify Use Default URL or Use Custom URL. d. To specify the name of the ISA Server computer, select Use a Web Proxy Server and type the ISA Server name or IP Address.
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Host Names
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SQL Server 2005 Architecture and Internals
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As you did with the client, an information message will be emitted into the trace log before and after the actual processing done by the method. 13. To start, add the following line of code below the just-added lines:
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Case Scenario Exercises
<extensions> <behaviorExtensions> <add name="messageTracer" type="TestClient.TraceMessageBehaviorExtension, TestClient, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null"/> </behaviorExtensions> </extensions>
2. Correct Answers: A and D A. Correct: You will need to create a class that inherits from the SoapClient class. B. Incorrect: The SoapReceiver class is used when implementing one-way messaging. C. Incorrect: You will add a constructor, but the URI is not passed as a reference. D. Correct: You will need to add a constructor to the newly created class that accepts an EndpointReference object as a parameter. 3. Correct Answer: A A. Correct: In this case, the <mtom> element is nested within the <messaging> element. B. Incorrect: In this case, the <mtom> element is nested within the <messag ing> element, but the entire section is wrapped in a tag for WSE 2.0 and not WSE 3.0. C. Incorrect: There is no such thing as an attachments element here. D. Incorrect: There is no such thing as an attachments element here.
Using the System Information Tool
Figure 12-2
2. You have deployed ISA Server 2004 and configured the server as a Web proxy server. All internal client computers are configured as Web proxy clients. You have limited bandwidth to the Internet, so you enable caching on ISA Server, using the default caching configuration. Many users in your organization, you notice, access a partner organization s Web site several times a day. The Web site contains many large files that are changed every few days; when users download the files, much of the available bandwidth to the Internet is used. You need to make sure that users have access to the partner Web site, yet you must limit the amount of bandwidth used to access the Web site as much as possible during working hours. What should you do a. Install the Firewall client on each client computer. b. Configure caching to cache only small files from the partner Web site. c. Configure a content download job to download the partner Web site every night. d. Configure the ISA Server to cache content with a TTL of one day. 3. Users in your organization must download files from an FTP site on the Internet twice a day. Your users report that they frequently download outdated versions of the file. What is happening and how will you fix it
CA certificate data integration with AD DS for- Optional (manual ests. process) Certificate Revocation List publication in AD DS forests. AD DS forest publication assigned on a pertemplate level as an attribute of the template. Web enrollment for certificate requests and validation. Optional (manual process) n/a Supported
Company Internal Network Web Server
Lessons in this :
You must have administrative credentials on the remote computer to perform remote administration.
5. Note that you are connected to a DC by default. To work with templates, you must be connected to a DC so that the templates can be published to AD DS.
It is important that DBAs learn to move databases to different servers during the upgrade process. The following two practices take you through the process of moving a database using both the detach/attach method and the backup/restore method.
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MSAS 2008:Connection\Current Connections MSAS 2008:Memory\Memory Limit High KB MSAS 2008:Memory\Memory Usage KB MSAS 2008:Processing\Rows read/sec
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