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What is a strategy for implementing the required functionality with a minimum of complexity in your program
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APIPA A TCP/IP feature in Windows XP and products in the Windows Server 2003 family that automatically configures a unique IP address when the TCP/IP proto col is configured for dynamic addressing and a DHCP server is not available. IP addresses are chosen randomly from the range through, and assigned a subnet mask of The APIPA range of IP addresses is reserved by the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA), and IP addresses within this range are not used on the Internet. NetBT An abbreviation for NetBIOS over TCP/IP, a protocol which provides a foun dation for higher-layer Microsoft network communications, including SMB and CIFS. CIFS An extension of the SMB protocol that provides the basis for file sharing and other functions on Microsoft networks. Among the enhancements of CIFS over SMB is the ability of CIFS to operate directly over DNS without NetBIOS. NWLink The Microsoft implementation of the IPX/SPX protocol used on NetWare networks. NWLink allows connectivity between Windows-based computers and NetWare networks running IPX/SPX.
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Sub New(ByVal path As String)
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How to Set Priorities Among Printers
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End Function End Class End Namespace //C# using System; using System.Data.SqlClient; using System.EnterpriseServices; namespace MSLearning.12.Services {
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After this lesson, you will be able to:
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If a user complains that the toolbar is locked and cannot be moved, click View, point to Toolbars, and clear the Lock The Toolbars command.
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Mailbox server recovery
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' VB Private Function Deserialize() As Person Dim dsp As Person = New Person ' Create file to save the data to Dim fs As FileStream = New FileStream("Person.XML", FileMode.Open) ' Create an XmlSerializer object to perform the deserialization Dim xs As XmlSerializer = New XmlSerializer(GetType(Person)) ' Use the XmlSerializer object to deserialize the data to the file dsp = CType(xs.Deserialize(fs), Person)
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Describe the full-text search capabilities in SQL Server 2008. Configure full-text indexes. Write full-text queries by using CONTAINS, CONTAINSTABLE, FREETEXT, and FREETEXTTABLE.
Compilation and Recompilation
Purpose Stores large currency values Stores small currency values
5: Lesson Review Answers
DNS servers had recursion disabled, no resolution of external names would be possible. This setup would certainly be secure, but it is not a good plan for a sup plier of military equipment. B. Incorrect: Round robin is a load-balancing mechanism that allows the same FQDN to be allocated to several hosts, each with a different IP, and balances access requests between these hosts. It has no effect on network security. C. Correct: Redirection is when an attacker is able to redirect queries for DNS names to servers under the control of the attacker. One method of redirection is to pollute a DNS server cache with erroneous data. For example, if a query from Contoso requires resolution of the FQDN www.fabrikam.com, and a referral answer provides a resolution for fabrikam.com, the DNS server continues to use the cached data from crooks_r_us.com to resolve further queries for www.fab rikam.com. If all server caches are secured against pollution, such referrals are rejected. In Windows Server 2003 DNS, caches are secured against pollution by default, but in a high security environment, you should check that this setting has not been altered. D. Correct: Redirection can be accomplished whenever an attacker has writable access to DNS data. Insecure dynamic updates allow computers that do not have computer accounts in Active Directory to register information in DNS.
Know this command for the exam.
Populate return address Populate input
Download Frequency Options Choose This Option To One Time Only, On The Completion Of This Wizard One Time Only, Scheduled Daily Weekly Configure ISA Server to download the content once, immediately after you apply the changes made by the wizard. Configure ISA Server to download the content once, based on a schedule that you configure. Configure ISA Server to download the content every day at a configured time. Configure ISA Server to download the content on a weekly schedule. You can configure the schedule to download on specific days during the week and at particular times.
A user name that is compatible with versions of Microsoft Windows prior to the release of Windows 2000 Server. This field is, by default, populated on the basis of the information in the User Logon Name (User Principal Name) field. The password that the user uses to log on to the domain. You need to confirm the information you entered in the Pass-
Figure 5-14 shows that all the mailboxes you moved in the previous practice have now been moved back to their original location.
Additional tiles
You should use digital signatures. Store a key pair at the central office, and distribute the public key to each of the remote offices. Sign all bonus communications with the private key, and then verify the signature at the remote offices.
You can move mailboxes between mailbox databases, servers, domains, Active Directory directory service sites, and forests. You can also move mailboxes between different versions of Exchange Server. You can use the Move Mailbox Wizard, which you access from Exchange Management Console, to move mailboxes, or you can use Exchange Management Shell commands based on the Move-Mailbox cmdlet. You cannot use the Move Mailbox Wizard to move mailboxes across forests. To move a mailbox from one forest to another, you must use Exchange Management Shell. This lesson discusses the various scenarios in which you might want to move mailboxes, how to schedule mailbox moves, and how to move mailboxes in bulk. It also covers mailbox policies and how you would go about verifying them. However, before you can move multiple mailboxes, you need multiple mailboxes to move. This chapter therefore also describes how you use Exchange Management Shell to create multiple mailbox-enabled users.
which data is separated into multiple, related tables. The process allows databases to perform optimally.
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