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Learn More About Windows Defender Settings
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To view or modify the authentication protocols enabled for a dial-up connection on the remote access client, open the properties dialog box of the dial-up connection on the client, and click the Security tab. Figure 10-7 shows the default settings on the Security tab: the Typical (Recommended Set tings) option is selected, and the Allow Unsecured Password setting is selected. If you click the Advanced (Custom Settings) option and then click the Settings button, the Advanced Security Settings dialog box opens. This dialog box, also shown in Figure 10-7, reveals the specific authentication protocols enabled by the current setting. Notice that the unencrypted authentication protocol PAP is enabled. The authentication protocol SPAP is also enabled. Although it encrypts authentication data, SPAP is not considered secure because it always sends each password over the network in the same reversibly encrypted form. Thus, the protocol is susceptible to replay attacks.
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In the repeatable read isolation level, SQL Server not only guarantees that dirty reads do not happen in your transaction, but it also guarantees that if you issue two DML statements against the same table with the same WHERE clause (one query could be a select and the next could be an update), both queries will return the same results. This is not entirely true because the latter queries might return more rows than the first query. A repeatable read protects against deletes and updates of accessed rows, but not against inserts that match the specific WHERE clause, which is the phantom rows concurrency problem. Note that phantom rows might also occur if you use aggregate functions, although it is not as easy to detect. The first query might, for example, include the sum over four rows, while the second query includes the sum over five rows. One important thing to note is that, because the repeatable read isolation level is achieved using blocking of the other transaction, the use of this isolation level greatly increases the number of locks held for the duration of the transaction. This, in turn, can cause serious perfomance problems due to blocked transactions. It also greatly increases the risk for deadlocks. A deadlock is encountered if different connections are waiting for locks held by each other. In the repeatable read isolation level, shared locks are acquired for read operations and are also held for the duration of the transaction, not allowing changes to the data by other transactions. The following example shows the behavior of the repeatable read isolation level:
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A full description of the UNION ALL operator is located in Lesson 4, Combining Datasets.
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Designing a Remote Access Strategy
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CREATE FUNCTION [ schema_name. ] function_name ( [ { @parameter_name [ AS ][ type_schema_name. ] parameter_data_type [ = default ] [ READONLY ] } RETURNS return_data_type [ WITH <function_option> [ ,...n ] ] [ AS ] [ ,...n ] ])
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Resultant set of Policy (RsoP) A snap-in for Microsoft Management Console that displays information about the Group Policy settings that apply to a particular client workstation. This tool has been deprecated with the release of Windows Vista. roaming profile A user profile that is stored on a shared server drive so that users can access it from any workstation on the network.
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Lesson Review . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 239
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The service is disabled but is still started.
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1. How can SQL Server Profiler help you to troubleshoot database applications 2. What other system tool can be used to troubleshoot database applications 3. What new feature in SQL Server 2005 allows you to return information about the health of your SQL Server Quick Check Answers 1. SQL Server Profiler can help you by allowing you to record a trace in which specific SQL Server events are monitored and recorded. This information can be invaluable when determining the cause of a specific problem, such as a server slowdown. 2. Windows System Monitor is the tool that allows you to graphically monitor performance counters that are associated with server objects in real time. 3. Dynamic management view (DMV) can be included in a SELECT statement to expose statistical information as a result set. There are dozens of them available; they all start with the dm_ prefix.
A remote access policy is a set of permissions or restrictions, read by a remote access authenticating server, that applies to remote access connections. Many remote access policies can be stored on an authenticating server at any given time, but only one policy can be applied to a connection. To determine which policy is applied, the condi tions of each remote access policy are compared individually to the current remote access connection. Only the first matching policy is applied to the remote access con nection; if no policy matches the connection, the connection is blocked. You can view currently configured remote access policies in the Routing And Remote Access console by selecting the Remote Access Policies node in the console tree, as shown in Figure 10-14.
Case Scenarios. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 327
Figure 8-4
Name GetDomain GetDomainID ResetAbort Sleep
quick Check
Lesson 3: Delegation and Security of Active Directory Objects
WriteToLog("Before Serialize: (" + messageType + ")", message.Stream) message.Stream.Seek(0, SeekOrigin.Begin) Return Case SoapMessageStage.AfterSerialize Return Case SoapMessageStage.BeforeDeserialize
10: Case Scenario Answers
Lesson Summary
1. What type of account is User3 (Get answer.)
Shawn Wildermuth I have been unfortunate. I have survived a number of situations in my past where creating the design was thought of as the last impediment to getting to the start of coding. Just because you create a design does not mean it s a good design. No matter how bright or well-intentioned I have been in creating a design, it is rarely right the first time. Some years ago I had a boss who insisted on your asking every technical question you had to a teddy bear that he left in the hall. As much as I felt silly doing it, I did learn that vocalizing a problem or design would solve my problem more often than not. Evaluating a design is like that. Evaluating a design with a team of professionals has become a certain step in every successful project I have worked on in the last 15 years. The team that reviews a design does not have to be the best and brightest. Often the epiphany of a poor design choice comes from the mere presenting of a design, not just letting my coworkers tear it apart.
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