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Purpose Monitors browser security settings, which are your first line of defense against Internet attacks. Spyware and other malware can try to change these settings without your knowledge. Monitors files and programs that are designed to work with IE7+, such as ActiveX controls and software installation programs. The browser itself can download, install, or run these files. Spyware and other malware can be included with these files and installed without your knowledge. Monitors services and drivers. Because services and drivers perform essential computer functions, they have access to important routines in the operating system (OS). Spyware and other malware can use services and drivers to gain access to your computer or to run undetected on your computer as if they are normal OS components. Monitors when programs start and any operations they perform while running. Spyware and other malware can use vulnerabilities in programs that you have installed to run without your knowledge. Windows Defender real-time protection monitors your programs and alerts you if it detects suspicious activity. Monitors tools and files in the OS. Programs that purport to be part of the OS can run at any time, not just when you start Windows or another program. Spyware and other malware can register programs to start without notice and run, for example, at a scheduled time each day without your knowledge. Monitors Windows add-on programs (also known as software utilities). Add-ons are designed to enhance your computing experience in areas such as security, browsing, productivity, and multimedia. However, addons can also install programs that collect information about you or your online activities and expose sensitive personal information often to advertisers.
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Individual properties of controls can be modified in the Properties window. Some properties provide specialized graphical interfaces to assist in setting the property value. Smart tags expose the most common configuration tasks of several controls. The Anchor and Dock properties allow you to set specialized behaviors for con trols on your form. The Document Outline window provides an easy way to manage the allocation of controls between your form and container controls.
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Get-POPSettings Server Glasgow | Format-List
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This lesson features an example in which the policy was defined in code, but you could have defined the policy in an XML-based policy file instead. You would have then returned that policy in the GetRequestPolicy method instead of returning the overridden PolicyAssertion class. The obvious benefit to using a policy file is that if the values used in your policy are likely to change, a policy file is preferred because changes will not require a code recompile.
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In this practice session, you configure the phishing filter and test the result of your configuration. The practice asks you to log on by using a standard account for example, the parent_standard account that you created in 4, Configuring and Troubleshooting Internet Access. If you prefer, you can use the administrator account (Kim_Ackers) that you created when you installed Windows Vista. No administrator permissions are needed to carry out the practice. Practice: Testing the Effect of Phishing Filter Settings In this practice, you test the effect of the three possible settings for the phishing filter by accessing the phishing and suspicious sites that Microsoft and MSN provide for this purpose. 1. If necessary, log on by using the parent-standard account. 2. Open IE7+. 3. From the Tools menu, click Phishing Filter, and then select Phishing Filter Settings. 4. In the Internet Options dialog box, scroll down to Phishing Filter. 5. Ensure that Turn On Automatic Website Checking is selected, and then click OK. 6. If a Phishing Filter information box appears, click OK to close it. 7. In the Address bar, type, and then press Enter. (This is a phishing site that MSN maintains for test purposes.) 8. The red warning appears. This window was shown in Figure 6-20. 9. Click the Security Report control (labeled Phishing Website) to the right of the Address bar. The message shown in Figure 6-33 appears.
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The GetCategories method is the next method in the list, and it simply enables retrieval of all the PerformanceCounterCategory objects on a given machine. By default, it will refer to the PerformanceCounterCategory on the local machine; however, the constructor provides an overload that can specify another machine s name from which the PerformanceCounterCategory objects will be retrieved. Here is an example of using the GetCategories method:
ISA Server provides three components for securing SMTP traffic. The first is the Mail Server Wizard, which can be used to publish the SMTP server to the Internet. The second component is the SMTP Message Screener, which can help reduce the amount of unwanted e-mail entering the organization. The third component is the SMTP application filter, which can be used to block buffer-overflow attacks or SMTP commandbased attacks on Exchange Server.
Using DDL Triggers
Configuring SSAS Properties
Figure 11-14 Use the Programs tab of the Internet Options dialog box to configure the programs that Internet Explorer uses.
Lesson Summary
Implements the Publisher and Distributor roles on separate SQL Server 2005 servers, with one or more Subscriber roles configured on other servers. The workload is more evenly distributed than on the Central Publisher model, but you need to maintain an additional server.
Exam Tip
The following questions are intended to reinforce key information presented in this lesson. If you are unable to answer a question, review the lesson materials and try the question again. You can find answers to the questions in the Questions and Answers section at the end of this chapter. 1. After a period of expansion, your company created a second domain. Last weekend, a number of machines that had been in your domain were moved to the new domain. When you open Active Directory Users And Computers, the objects for those machines are still in your domain, and are displayed with a red X icon. What is the most appropriate course of action a. Enable the accounts b. Disable the accounts c. Reset the accounts d. Delete the accounts 2. A user reports that during a logon attempt, a message indicated that the computer cannot contact the domain because the domain controller is down or the com puter account may be missing. You open Active Directory Users And Computers and discover that the account for that computer is missing. What steps should you take
For more information about isolated storage, see the following sources:
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