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2. If you choose to use only one DHCP Server in a routed network, what are some of the things you should consider
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expired, you need to restore from backup. If you need to recover an entire mailbox database or an entire storage group, you again need to restore from backup. Prior to Exchange Server 2003, you needed to restore to an alternative forest with the same structure, storage group names, and mailbox database names as the existing forest. Exchange Server 2003 introduced RSGs, and these have been given additional functionality in Exchange Server 2007. Other than test restores, most restores from backup now use RSGs. An RSG is a special type of storage group that lets you mount a mailbox database, extract data from the mounted database, and copy the extracted data to a folder in an existing mailbox or merge the extracted data with an existing mailbox. In Exchange Server 2007, you can extract data by using commands based on the Exchange Management Shell Restore-Mailbox cmdlet or by using the Exchange Disaster Recovery Analyzer (ExDRA) tool. You can use an RSG in the following scenarios:
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Orin Thomas In days past, people ordered products over the telephone by talking to a salesperson. One of the advantages of this was that there was a level of error checking involved at the person-to-person level. With business-to-business communication, if someone isn t fully paying attention, it is possible to order a lot more of something than is actually required. In the past, if someone said to a salesperson, I want 20,000 rolls of toilet paper, the salesperson would most likely respond, Are you sure you need that much The sale wouldn t go through until the salesperson was satisfied that 20,000 rolls of toilet paper was exactly what the client wanted. With the highly automated order systems in place today, unless some sort of error-checking procedure is in place, such an order might simply go through with the appropriate fee automatically charged to the customer. If the client placing the order conducted hundreds of transactions a week, he or she wouldn t know about the error until a semi-trailer truck pulled up with a helpful delivery person asking, Where would you like us to put this
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Configuring Access Rules for Remote-Site Networks
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Figure 5-1 The New Object Computer dialog box
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How to Analyze ACLs
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Default Global Address List Contains all mail-enabled users, contacts, and groups Default Offline Address Book Contains all items in the default global address list but can be viewed offline All Contacts A list of all mail-enabled contacts All Users All mail-enabled users in the organization All Groups A list of all mail-enabled groups All Rooms All resource mailboxes for rooms Public Folders All public folders
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Caution If you stop sharing a folder while a user has a file open, the user might lose data. If you click Do Not Share This Folder and a user has an open connection to the shared folder, Windows XP Professional displays a dialog box notifying you of that fact.
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Introduction to Active Directory and Network Infrastructure
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Supporting and Troubleshooting Hard Disks
Me.parentAssertion = parentAssertion
a. Have you or anyone else who uses the computer changed any settings recently Changes
You are setting up a site-to-site VPN between Contoso Ltd. and Coho Vineyard. The Internal network at Contoso uses the address range /22. The Internal network at Coho Vineyard uses the address range /24. Each network uses a ISA Server 2004 Internet-edge firewall. The Coho Vineyard site-to-site VPN network using IPSec tunneling is configured on the Contoso ISA Server 2004 computer using the appropriate IP address range. The Contoso site-to-site VPN network using IPSec tunneling is configured on the Coho Vineyard ISA Server 2004 computer using the appropriate IP address range. You now wish to configure network rules on both of these ISA Server computers. Which of the following network relationships can be used (Choose all that apply.) A. Configure a network address translation (NAT) relationship on the Coho Vineyard ISA Server 2004 computer. Configure a NAT relationship on the Contoso ISA Server 2004 computer. B. Configure a NAT relationship on the Coho Vineyard ISA Server 2004 computer. Configure a route relationship on the Contoso ISA Server 2004 computer. C. Configure a route relationship on the Coho Vineyard ISA Server 2004 computer. Configure a NAT relationship on the Contoso ISA Server 2004 computer. D. Configure a route relationship on the Coho Vineyard ISA Server 2004 computer. Configure a route relationship on the Contoso ISA Server 2004 computer.
providerName="System.Data.SqlClient" /> </connectionStrings> </configuration>
Page 5-71
// C# TreeNode aNode = new TreeNode("New Node");
Applications do not implement the shell item interfaces. To create a shell item, programmers use the SHCreateItemFromIDList and SHCreateItemFromParsingName, or CoCreateInstance with CLSID_ShellItem. Shell items are the currency of the Shell UI and its programming model, and they are used throughout this book in shell libraries, Jump Lists, and elsewhere. IShellLink The IShellLink interface represents a link in the shell, typically a link to a file or a program. A shell link is associated with a path to an item (for example, a program), commandline arguments that are passed to it, an icon location and index for the shell link, the working directory for the shell link target, and a keyboard shortcut and other properties. Shell link objects can be used to resolve their target, even if it has been moved or renamed, through the Resolve method. Shell links can be created using CoCreateInstance with CLSID_ShellLink. Shell links are frequently used as Windows 7 jump list tasks and destinations. IShellLibrary The IShellLibrary interface represents a Windows 7 shell library, which provides an abstraction to a collection of locations with a common trait. Using the shell library object, applications can add, modify, and remove folders from the library; enumerate folders in the library; retrieve the default save location for the library; and resolve the target location of a library folder. Programs interact with the IShellLibrary interface by calling the SHLoadLibraryFromItem, SHLoadLibraryFromKnownFolder, or SHLoadLibraryFromParsingName function. New libraries can be created using the SHCreateLibrary method. Other helper functions can be found in ShObjIdl.h and ShellAPI.h, which are part of the SDK, for resolving folder paths in libraries and for adding folders to a library. ITaskbarList ITaskbarList is part of the Windows Shell programming model. However, it belongs to the Taskbar interface and not to the Libraries interface. Because we provide an overview of the Windows Shell, it makes sense to mention this interface. We describe ITaskbarList in great detail in 2, Integrate with the Windows 7 Taskbar, Basic Features. The ITaskbarList interface (or more specifically, the ITaskbarList3 and ITaskbarList4 interfaces) represents the Windows taskbar functionality, which is part of the Windows Shell. Windows 7 introduces unified launching and switching taskbar button functionality, including rich thumbnail representations and previews, thumbnail toolbars, progress and status overlays, switch targets based on individual tabs, and other features that are covered in other chapters in this book.
Lab requirements
In this lab, you will create an application that reads an XML file and displays the ele ments, attributes, and text of that file.
' VB <DataContract( _ Namespace:="http://schemas.fabrikam.com/customers/")> _ Public Class Address <DataMember(IsRequired:=False, Order:=0)> _ Public City As String <DataMember(IsRequired:=False, Order:=0)> _ Public AddressLine As String <DataMember(IsRequired:=False, Order:=1)> _ Public ZipOrPostalCode As String
1. How could you rewrite the following piece of code to store the information in isolated storage, isolated by user, domain, and assembly
Correct Answers: A A. Correct: To add computers to a domain, the user must have the Add Workstations To Domain user right. B. Incorrect: Although it would solve the problem by allowing Nicole to add computers to the domain, it would also grant Nicole many unnecessary privileges, such as the ability to create a user account for herself that she could use to connect to network resources after she has finished her job. The security risks associated with this option are too great. C. Incorrect: This domain policy setting will not allow Nicole s account to add computers to the domain. D. Incorrect: The Power Users group exists only in the local user database, and being a member of the Power Users group grants no additional domain-level rights.
<%@ OutputCache Duration="30" VaryByParam="*" %>
Server\QueueId\MessageId Server\Poison\MessageId MessageId Server\*\MessageId
Objective 2.1
You can disable the generation of client-side scripts by setting the EnableClientScript property of the control to False. You might choose to do this to keep attackers from learning the details of your validation method. Knowing those details could help an attacker identify a vulnerability, but it wouldn t help that much, so it s probably not worth the trouble.
Figure 10-1 The Active Directory Domain Services Installation Wizard
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