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Network topology with DHCP Relay Agent
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After this lesson, you will be able to
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The Category parameter can be only 256 characters long. If your message exceeds that length, it will be truncated.
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Mail Server Wizard
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Erratic mouse behavior is a fairly common hardware problem. If a user experiences mouse problems, use the following troubleshooting techniques:
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Accessing and Encrypting Backup Files
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Practice 1
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Because a RAID 0 configuration does not provide any fault tolerance, it is not an acceptable solution for availability.
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Description An efficient collection to store small lists of objects A collection that uses a ListDictionary for storage when the number of items in the collection is small, and then migrates the items to a Hashtable for large collections A collection of name/values pairs of strings that allows retrieval by name or index
After this lesson, you will be able to: Identify the extensibility points in the WCF pipeline. Programmatically inspect messages and parameters. Inject logic into the dispatching of operations. Estimated lesson time: 45 minutes
Ports properties
// Write the aggregate to SQL Server. void IBinarySerialize.Write(System.IO.BinaryWriter w) { w.Write(this.m_ValueIsNull); w.Write(this.m_Value); w.Write(this.m_SkipZerosIsNull); w.Write(this.m_SkipZeros); } } ...
2. 3.
Configured a Microsoft Windows Server 2003 R2 computer with SQL Server 2005 Enterprise Edition SP1 as detailed in the Appendix. Installed an updated copy of the AdventureWorks sample database as detailed in the Appendix.
Implementing ISA Server 2004, Enterprise Edition
You can generate CSV f iles that contain data that can be used by reporting software to generate reports by using Exchange Management Shell commands based on the Get-MailboxDatabase cmdlet, piping the output of these commands into the Export-Csv cmdlet, and capturing the data in a CSV or text f ile. This technique is discussed later in this lesson.
Example EXERCISE: Creating an Ad Hoc Network In this exercise, you create an ad hoc network while logged on to the Aberdeen computer with the Kim_Akers administrator-level account. You then log on to the Canberra computer with a standard (nonadministrative) account and join the ad hoc network. You created standard accounts earlier in this book for example the Don Hall account you created in 4. If you do not have a standard account on Canberra, create one before you start the exercise. To create an ad hoc network, proceed as follows: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Disconnect the Ethernet connection between the two computers and ensure that both computers have their wireless adapters switched on. Log on to the Aberdeen computer with the Kim_Akers account. Create a folder called Test on the Aberdeen computer. Right-click the Test folder and choose Properties. On the Sharing tab, click Advanced Sharing and share the folder. Ensure that the Everyone group has Read permission. Open Network And Sharing Center. Click Set Up A New Connection Or Network. Select Set Up A Wireless Ad Hoc (Computer To Computer) Network, as shown in Figure 6-45. Click Next.
Lesson 1: Creating a View
Scheduling SSAS Backups in SQL Server Agent
Lesson 3: Managing SSAS Tuning and Logging
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