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Figure 9-5
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Following are some example Secedit commands:
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Figure 3-11: International settings for an online operating system If you use the /get-intl option with an offline-mounted image and specify the /distribution parameter, information about international settings and languages in the distribution share is displayed. Lesson 2 of this chapter discusses the distribution share. If the language specified by the /set-uilang option is not installed in the Windows image, the command will fail. A fallback default language is required only when the language specified by the /set-uilang option is a partially localized language (for example, Ukrainian or Arabic). The /set-syslocale option sets the language for non-Unicode programs (also called the system locale) and the font settings. You specify the name of the language and locale to set as the default language, for example, en-US. The /set-userlocale option configures a per-user setting that determines the default sort order and the default settings for formatting dates, times, currency, and numbers (for example, fr-FR). Quick Check You want more information about the package Package_for_KB654321~ 22cf8952ad824e22~x86~~ in a WIM image currently mounted in the folder C:\MountedImages. What command would you use Quick Check Answer dism /image:c:\mountedimages /get-packageinfo /packagename:Package_for_KB654321~22cf8952ad824e22~x86~~
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1. Which of the following settings are required to create an indexed view (Choose all that apply.) A. QUOTED_IDENTIFIER ON B. Three-part names C. SCHEMABINDING D. ANSI_NULLS OFF
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class TK433Demo { static void Main() { using (SqlConnection conn = new SqlConnection( "server=.;database=AdventureWorks;trusted_connection=yes;")) { SqlCommand cmd = conn.CreateCommand(); cmd.CommandText = @" qr code scanner
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When you create an enterprise network, the only configuration option you have is to configure the IP address range. For example, you can create an enterprise network named Internal that includes all the IP addresses that are internal to your organization, but you cannot configure options such as Web Proxy client or Firewall client settings. After you create the enterprise network, you can assign the network to an array-level network. The IP addresses assigned to an enterprise network cannot cross any security boundary, such as a firewall or a VPN connection. However, you can create an enterprise network that contains the IP addresses in a perimeter network (also known as a demilitarized zone, or DMZ), or the IP addresses for a remote site. When you install ISA Server, Enterprise Edition, several enterprise networks are created that act as placeholders for array-level networks of the same name. These enterprise networks cannot be explicitly used when creating array-level firewall policy rules. Instead, they are typically used in the enterprise policy. Any rule applied by the enterprise administrator to the predefined enterprise network will be applied to the arraylevel network of the same name. For example, an enterprise rule that allows HTTP access to the External network will be applied to the External network for each array. ISA Server includes the following predefined enterprise networks:
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Objective 4.2
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Local groups (or machine local groups) are used primarily for backward compatibility with Windows NT 4. There are local users and groups on computers running Windows Server 2003 that are configured as member servers. Domain controllers do not use local groups.
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network is considered prerequisite knowledge for the 70-291 exam, and as such, this topic is beyond the scope of this training kit. Figure 1-1 shows an example physical infrastructure.
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Be careful that you do not overwrite configuration properties when you deploy a project.
figURE 7-1 A task sequence based on the Standard Client Task Sequence template
Understand the relationship between devices and drivers Use Device Manager to analyze detected devices Use Device Manager to install a device
Handling the DragDrop Event
Software within Windows Vista that is used to manage multimedia output.
You can execute the following command to enable change tracking on the AdventureWorksDW2008 database. Changes are maintained for at least seven days and the automatic cleanup process removes change tracking information that was created more than seven days ago:
Identify the standard NTFS folder permissions Identify the standard NTFS file permissions Describe how Windows XP Professional uses access control lists (ACLs) Explain how effective permissions are calculated when multiple sets of NTFS permis-
Do you know what these key terms mean You can check your answers by looking up the terms in the glossary at the end of the book.
7. Click the Up button on the toolbar to return to viewing the C drive. 8. Right-click the Compressed folder, and then click Properties. Windows XP Professional displays the Compressed Properties dialog box with the General tab active. 9. On the General tab, click Advanced. Windows XP Professional displays the Advanced Attributes dialog box. 10. Select the Compress Contents To Save Disk Space check box. 11. Click OK to return to the Compressed Properties dialog box. 12. Click Apply to apply your settings. Windows XP Professional displays the Confirm Attribute Changes dialog box, prompting you to specify whether to compress only this folder or this folder and all subfolders. 13. Select the Apply Changes To This Folder, Subfolders, And Files check box, and then click OK. Windows XP Professional displays the Applying Attributes message box, indicating the progress of the operation, and the paths and names of folders and files as they are compressed. Because there is no data in the folder, compression will likely complete too quickly for you to view this dialog box. 14. Click OK to close the Properties dialog box. 15. What color is the name of the Compressed folder
Dim newPatient As Patient = New Patient()
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