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If a user requests that you add an icon to the notification area for any network or Internet connection on a computer running Windows XP, follow these steps: 1. From the Start menu, select Connect To, and then select Show All Connections. If the Connect To option is not available on the Start menu, open Control Panel, select Network And Internet Connections, and then select Network Connections. 2. Right-click the connection that you want to show in the notification area, and then click Properties. 3. On the General tab of the connection s Properties dialog box, select the Show Icon In Notification Area When Connected check box, and then click OK. Figure 4-2 shows a notification area that has three active network connections. One is a wireless connection, one is a dial-up Internet connection, and one is a connection to a LAN. It also shows antivirus software and Instant Messenger icons.
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<appSettings> <add key="Foo" value="Hello World!"/> </appSettings>
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//Declaration for the Visual Studio Designer-generated class using WMIProcess = Ch12.ManagedWMIConsumer.ROOT.CIMV2.Process; //In the ManagementEventWatcher.EventArrived event handler: newProcessesList.Items.Add(e.NewEvent["ProcessID"]); //To zoom in on a specific process: int procId; if (!int.TryParse(selected.ToString(), out procId)) return; WMIProcess proc = WMIProcess.GetInstances( "ProcessId='" + procId + "'").Cast<WMIProcess>().FirstOrDefault(); processGrid.SelectedObject = proc; //From the Visual Studio Designer-generated code: this.eventWatcher.Query = new System.Management.EventQuery("SELECT * FROM Win32_ProcessStartTrace"); this.eventWatcher.Scope = new System.Management.ManagementScope("\\\\SashaPC\\root\\CIMV2"); this.eventWatcher.EventArrived += eventWatcher_EventArrived;
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Lesson 1: Protecting Files Using Access Control Lists
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Practice: Configuring Authentication in ASP.NET Applications
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Your Name The user s name as it should appear in the From: line of e-mail messages that are sent from the user. E-Mail Address The user s full e-mail address, including the suffix (that is, User Name The user name that is required to authenticate to the mail server. This can be a name or the e-mail address. If you are setting up an account for a user with an ISP, the ISP should have provided the information to the user. Password The password that is required to authenticate to the mail server.
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Shadow Copies of Shared Folders
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Some enhancements were made in SQL Server 2005 to allow you to add and name a root element, as well as name the elements created for each row. An example of this is shown in the next block of code that uses the ROOT directive, as well as adds a parameter to the RAW mode specifying the element name (the changes are shown in bold type). Also note that by
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Current Disk Queue Length, and Available MBytes. He should configure the view to display current values and run the console over the course of a normal operat ing day.
IP: .....0.. = Normal Reliability
Autodiscover This service allows Outlook 2007 and Windows mobile clients to be
In SQL Server 2000, job schedules are specific to a given job. In SQL Server 2005, however, job schedules are treated as separate entities. You can create a job schedule once and then use the same schedule for multiple jobs.
Figure 3-21
Stop and restart agents that run continuously.
Lesson 2: Gathering Upgrade Information . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 23 Compiling a Workstation Hardware Inventory Creating Workstation Performance Benchmarks Lesson Summary Lesson Review 24 31 35 36
Files and Folders
Lesson 1: Preparing and Creating Data Mining Structures
Passing Data to Threads
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