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injection attacks.
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Figure B 2: Each subkey in Console is the title of a customized console window. You typically see this key only after starting a command prompt from the Run dialog box. Like AppEvents, there's seldom a good reason to customize these settings directly. It's not really a cool hack, and a user interface is available for all these settings. What is cool is that after you've configured your console windows just the way you want them, you can export Console to a REG file. Then the next time you install Windows XP, import the REG file to restore your console settings. You'll never configure a command prompt again.
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Lesson 1: Scale Database Applications
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Figure 6-8
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Windows 7 on Netbooks
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Managing and Maintaining Physical and Logical Devices (1.0)
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In this exercise, you create a batch file to modify the permissions of the C:\Boot.ini file so that standard users can read the file. 1. Log on to your computer as Administrator. 2. Launch Windows Explorer and navigate to C:\. 3. Open the Tools menu, and then click Folder options. 4. Click the View tab. Clear the Hide Protected Operating System Files check box. When prompted, click Yes. Click OK to return to Windows Explorer. 5. In the right pane, right-click the Boot.ini file, and then click Properties. 6. Click the Security tab. As shown in Figure 4-4, Administrators have Full Control permissions. Also note that Power Users have Read access, and the standard Users group is not listed in the ACL.
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Exporting Internet Favorites To export Internet Favorites to an .htm file, follow these steps: 1. On the File menu of Internet Explorer, select Import And Export. 2. On the Welcome page of the Import/Export Wizard, click Next. 3. Select the Export Favorites option, and click Next. 4. You can specify the primary Favorites folder or any particular subfolder for your export. When you select a folder for export, all subfolders in that folder will also be exported. Select the folder you want to export, and click Next. 5. Click Browse, select a location and name for the export file, and click Save. Click Next, and then click Finish. 6. Internet Explorer informs you that the export is successful. Click OK.
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Microsoft Corporation. Windows Server 2003 online help. Redmond, Washington. Review Windows Update, Windows Automatic Updates, and Windows Logo Program for Software. Microsoft Corporation. Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Deployment Guide. Redmond, Washington. Review Best Practices for Security, available on the Microsoft Web site at http://www.microsoft.com/technet/treeview/default.asp url=/technet/prodtechnol /windowsserver2003/proddocs/standard/sag_seconceptsbp.asp. Objective 3.3 Review Lesson 3 of 11, Managing Network Security.
8. Below the code that creates an instance of the Patient object, type the following code or something similar to utilize and test the PersonalInformation method and the History method on the remote object:
malicious input such as 1 DROP TABLE PRODUCTS -- (a SQL injection attack) is difficult. One common approach is to instruct users to replace characters in their own names. For example, users who normally enter an apostrophe or a hyphen in their names could omit those characters. Users with letters that are not part of the standard Roman alphabet could replace letters with the closest similar Roman character. Although this system allows you to more rigorously validate input, it requires users to sacrifice the accurate spelling of their names something many people take very personally. As an alternative, you can perform as much filtering as possible on the input, and then clean the input of any potentially malicious content. Most input validation should be pessimistic and allow only input that consists entirely of approved characters. However, input validation of real names might need to be optimistic and cause an error only when specifically denied characters exist. For example, you could reject a user s name if it contained one of the following characters: !, @, #, $, %, ^, *, (), <, >. All these characters are unlikely to appear in a name but likely to be used in an attack. Microsoft Visual Studio .NET provides the following regular expression to match valid names: [a-zA-Z'`- \s]{1,40} .
DECLARE @last_synchronization_version bigint SET @last_synchronization_version = CHANGE_TRACKING_Min_VALID_VERSION(389576426);
Case Scenario 2: Maintaining Database Integrity
Implementing Localization
Get-MailboxDatabase | Export-Csv C:\MailboxDatabase.csv -Notype
Software Configuration Current build number Current version Registered organization Registered owner
Standard Yes
Configuring Advanced DNS Server Properties
You would like to view a list of devices connected to your Windows Server 2003 sys tem listed numerically by IRQ. Which of the following methods could you use to do this (Select all that apply.)
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