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Extended Display Identification Data (EDID)
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22. Run the application and notice that all customers appear in the grid. 23. Click the Set DataView Properties button and notice that only customers with a value of London in their City column appear in the grid. 24. Change the FilterTexBox.Text to City = Madrid . 25. Click the Set DataView Properties button and now only customers from Madrid appear in the grid. 26. Close the application. 27. Double-click the Add Row button and add the following code to the button-click event handler:
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Consider a Windows Forms application, designed to run on a kiosk in the lobby of a business, that allows the user to view text files containing public information about the company. The following method accomplishes this simple task by displaying the con tents of the file in the outputBox TextBox. If an error occurs, the method displays an error message.
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Lesson 2
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Lesson 1: Maintaining a Server-Level Security Strategy
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ISP DSTs must be familiar with Internet technologies, Domain Name System (DNS) name resolution, connection types, available modems, and other common ISP tools. ISPs, like other DST employers, generally work using a tier system, and moving up the tier is dependent on experience, education, and training.
A proof-of-concept is also a good time to evaluate your recommendations on data access and storage. If, for example, you are proposing SQL Everywhere be loaded on PDAs and other mobile devices to support offline and synchronization requirements and you have never done so, you need to prototype. Again, this will help you evaluate your decision in terms of feasibility, practicality, and level of effort.
AccessControlEntry entryMark = new AccessControlEntry(mark,
Deploying ISA Server 2004 is a critical component of an organization s overall security design. However, merely deploying ISA Server 2004 at the perimeter of the network does not guarantee security throughout the network. For example, you may use ISA Server at the network perimeter to block all attacks from the Internet. However, the ISA Server computer is not effective if a user brings an infected laptop computer to work and connects it to the network. To provide security throughout the network, you must implement a defense-in-depth security strategy. A defense-in-depth security strategy means that you use multiple levels of defense to secure your network. If one level is compromised, it does not necessarily mean that your entire organization is compromised. As a general guideline, you design and build each level of your security on the assumption that every other layer of security has been breached, and that the level you re working on is the final roadblock to an attacker s gaining access to resources on your network. If you assume that, you will ensure that each layer is as secure as possible. When you use a defense-in-depth strategy, you increase an attacker s risk of detection and reduce an attacker s chance of success. Because you monitor for illegitimate activity at many levels, you are more likely to detect an attacker s actions. In addition, because you monitor at many levels, you can correlate related events from various monitoring sources to identify the attack and determine which levels have been compromised. The defense-in-depth strategy also reduces the attacker s chance of success. The attacker may use a particular strategy to defeat one level of defense, but must then use a completely different strategy to compromise the next level. The defense-in-depth layers are illustrated on the next page.
Embedded and Linked Objects . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7-11
Using Microsoft Deployment Toolkit 2010
To complete the lessons in this chapter, you must have
Answers to these questions and explanations of why each answer choice is right or wrong are located in the Answers section at the end of the book.
Choose Client Authentication Method
A single site for each domain
Create and alter user-defined functions (UDFs).
Basic NTFS File Permissions
Your organization s network is shown in the following graphic. Subnet C is a wide area network (WAN) connection. DNS is Active Directory integrated. All client PCs are configured from scopes held on a superscope on the DHCP server on Subnet A. The rout ers are not RFC 2132 compliant. Which subnets require a DHCP relay agent (Choose all that apply.)
Using the Performance Console 19-15
' VB <Global.System.Configuration.ApplicationScopedSettingAttribute(), _ Global.System.Diagnostics.DebuggerNonUserCodeAttribute(), _ Global.System.Configuration.DefaultSettingValueAttribute _ ("http://www.adatum.com/myservice.asmx")> _ Public ReadOnly Property WebServiceUrl() As String Get Return CType(Me("WebServiceUrl"),String) End Get End Property //C# [global::System.Configuration.ApplicationScopedSettingAttribute()] [global::System.Diagnostics.DebuggerNonUserCodeAttribute()] [global::System.Configuration.DefaultSettingValueAttribute ("http://www.adatum.com/myservice.asmx")] public string WebServiceUrl { get { return ((string)(this["WebServiceUrl"])); } }
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