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8. After the second call to the WCF service, check to see how many records are in the table by adding the following line of code after the call:
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2. In the Files To Delete list box in the Disk Cleanup For (C:) dialog box, review the files that Disk Cleanup is recommending you delete.
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Creating a new user
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The ManagementEventWatcher class allows for subscription information about events that occur within the WMI context. To use it, perform the following steps: 1. Create a new ManagementEventWatcher object. 2. Associate an EventQuery object with it. 3. Call the WaitForNextEvent method. 4. Stop the notifications. Here is an example: code 39 generator source
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DHCP: End of this option field
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User Scott Bishop Dan Holme Danielle Tiedt Effective Permissions No permissions No permissions Traverse Folder/Execute File List Folder/Read Data Read Attributes Read Extended Attributes Create Files/Write Data Create Folders/Append Data Read Permissions Traverse Folder/Execute File List Folder/Read Data Read Attributes Read Extended Attributes Create Files/Write Data Create Folders/Append Data Write Attributes Write Extended Attributes Read Permissions
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Implementing Log Shipping
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348 Introducing Windows 7 for Developers
Create and Manage Groups
In the RRAS snap-in, you check that the passrouter account appears under Dial-In Cli ents. What do you check next A. An L2TP port is available on housrouter for the connection. B. The user name passrouter matches the name of a demand-dial interface on hous router. C. Packet filters on the demand-dial interfaces of the calling router and answering router are preventing the flow of traffic. D. Packet filters on the remote access policy profile are preventing the flow of IP traffic.
Application Domains and Services
In Windows Server 2003, the DHCP server includes a predefined user class named Default Routing And Remote Access class. Options within this class apply only to cli ents that request an address configuration while connecting to Routing And Remote Access. One such option that you are likely to see on the exam is 051 Lease. By configuring this option, you can assign shorter lease durations to your remote access clients than to your other DHCP clients.
Setting Up, Configuring, and Troubleshooting Printers
To explain how domains work, you must know the following things:
For more information about the criteria that Service Broker uses to assign a priority level to a conversation, see the article CREATE BROKER PRIORITY (Transact-SQL) in SQL Server Books Online.
Introducing Microsoft Windows Server 2003
Libraries under the Hood
A permission is a CAS access control entry. For example, the File Dialog permission determines whether an assembly can prompt the user with the Open dialog box, the Save dialog box, both, or neither. Figure 6-1 shows the File Dialog permission being configured.
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