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Common Default Programs Microsoft Windows Media Player Paint Word Paint, Windows Picture And Fax Viewer Alternate Programs Third-party media tools Microsoft Photo Editor, third-party graphics programs, Internet Explorer WordPad, Notepad, or third-party word processing programs Third-party graphics programs, Internet Explorer
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In the example provided in Figure 9-16, Router C-B can see all computers on Subnets C and B. When Router C-B receives a packet destined for an address outside Subnet C or B, it forwards this packet along the default route to Router B-A. Because all computers outside Subnets B or C lie in the direction of the default route, static routes need not be added to the routing table on Router C-B. However, for Router B-A, which sees all computers on Subnets B and A, the computers on Subnet C do not lie in the direction of the default route. If Router B-A receives a packet destined for Subnet C, it incorrectly forwards the packet to Router A-Int unless instructed to do otherwise. Adding a static route to the routing table on Router B-A, as shown in Figure 9-17, allows Router B-A to properly direct traffic destined for Subnet C toward Router C-B.
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Lesson 1: Implementing Group Policy
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Questions and Answers
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var theInk; // Reference to the ink presenter var newStroke; // Reference to a stroke var theControl; // Reference to the Silverlight control function handleLoad(control, userContext, rootElement) { // The Load event returns a reference to the control // But other event handlers do not. So we're going // to make a reference to the control here theControl = control; // Here we will create a reference to the ink element theInk = control.content.findName("inkEl"); }
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ging subsystem built into a number of Microsoft Windows operating systems, starting with Microsoft Windows 2003 R2.
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Lesson 2
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The MyDB database is no longer shown to be in a Restoring state.
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Dispose of the Structure Data
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End If
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Figure 8-5
select the Do Not Share This Printer option.
Table 1 6: Hive Files Hive HKLM\SAM HKLM\SECURITY HKLM\SOFTWARE HKLM\SYSTEM Hive, Supporting Files SAM, SAM.LOG SECURITY, SECURITY.LOG Software, Software.log, Software.sav System, System.log, System.sav
Named Parameter Options for the ServiceContractAttribute
You suspect that your DNS server operation has some bugs, and you want to record detailed information. You open the DNS console, access the Debug Logging tab of the server properties dialog box, select Log Packets For Debugging, and select the events that you want the DNS server to record for debug logging. Where, by default, will you find the information you need
Commonly Used Data-Formatting Functions
The Local Security Policy settings that you should be concerned with as a DST are as follows:
Answers to these questions and explanations of why each answer choice is right or wrong are located in the Answers section at the end of the book.
E. Run the Ipconfig/Adapter command from the command prompt. Copy the result
Logical Structure of Active Directory
figure 7-17 Use the Project Properties dialog box to specify the project deployment settings.
Lesson 3: The Asynchronous Programming Model
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