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Transactional replication is managed by using two replication agents: Log Reader Agent and Distribution Agent. The Log Reader Agent is responsible for moving changes from the transaction log on the publisher to the distribution database. The Distribution Agent is responsible for moving batches of changes from the distribution database to each subscriber.
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"VB Private WithEvents AsyncLookup As StockLookupService Sub Main() AsyncLookup = New StockLookupService() AsyncLookup.GetCompanyNameAsync("MSFT") Console.ReadLine()
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Enabling Quick Launch
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setting the log provider type The log provider is the log events destination location, such as a table or file. You select the provider from the Provider Type drop-down list in the Providers And Logs tab of the dialog box and then click Add. The most common log types are Text Files or SQL Server, but you can also log to the Windows Event Log, SQL Server Profiler, or an XML file. If required by the provider type you selected, specify a connection in the Configuration drop-down list and then select the check box to enable logging on this provider. The practice exercises at the end of the lesson walk through the logging configuration process.
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Where are these resources located
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Name Message Source TimeCreated TimeStamp Type
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Objective 4.6
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The XML DOM is exposed through the System.Xml.XmlDocument class. This class allows you to read an XML file into memory and then manipulate the structure through a variety of methods, as well as to perform searches and retrieve nodes. The XmlDocument class exposes an XML document as a hierarchical collection of XmlNode objects. Because the XmlDocument class extends XmlNode itself, the XmlDocument can be thought of as the root node. Access to the child nodes of the XmlDocument is available through the ChildNodes property, or you can access specific elements through the XmlDocument.Item property.
Framework Fundamentals
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