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Explanation ISA Server supports several tunneling protocols. You need to choose the appropriate protocol based on your organization s security requirements and the VPN gateway servers that you will deploy in each site. To enable site-to-site VPNs, you need to create a remote-site network on ISA Server. All the client computers in the remote site are located in this network. You can use this network when applying rules to limit access to other networks.
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So far, this discussion has focused on supporting users and groups in Windows XP Pro fessional. Although you can create user accounts in Windows XP Home Edition, you cannot create groups or perform as much user-account management as you can in Windows XP Professional. When supporting Windows XP Home Edition, you should be aware of the following limitations:
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Configuring ISA Server Authentication
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c. Incorrect: The Upgrades tab does not appear in the Software Installation Properties sheet. D. Incorrect: The Modifications tab does not appear in the Software Installation Properties sheet.
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Logistic Regression
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Working with SQL Server Agent Jobs
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"VB <WebMethod()> _ Public Function GetFile(ByVal filename As String) As Byte() " Return file here End Function //C# [WebMethod]
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IDisposable Stream Abstract Class MarshalByRefObject Fields Null Properties CanRead CanSeek CanTimeout CanWrite Length Position ReadTimeout WriteTimeout Methods BeginRead BeginWrite Close CreateWaitHandle Dispose (+ 1 ove... EndRead EndWrite Flush Read ReadByte Seek SetLength Stream Synchronized Write WriteByte FileStream Class Stream Properties CanRead CanSeek CanWrite Handle IsAsync Length Name Position SafeFileHandle Methods ~FileStream BeginRead BeginWrite Dispose EndRead EndWrite FileStream (+ 14 overloads) Flush GetAccessControl Lock Read ReadByte Seek SetAccessControl SetLength Unlock Write WriteByte LogStream Class FileStream Fields FILENAME Methods LogStream Write (+ 2 overloads)
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authentication authorization resource The process of identifying a user The process of verifying that a user is allowed to access a requested
Designing Database Server Security Policies
Lesson 3: SQL Server Service Failures
she cannot access websites from her home computer. While investigating the problem,
you would choose the x64 version of Windows 7 Ultimate. Windows 7 Ultimate supports use with a retail license key and can also access the BranchCache feature. Only x64 versions of Windows 7 support computer hardware that has more than 4 GB of RAM.
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Oracle Replication
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