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chapter 8
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SQL Server executes INSTEAD OF triggers in place of the usual triggering action. Rather than SQL Server inserting a new row in the table, as was the case with the previous example, the INSTEAD OF trigger fires before SQL Server makes any modifications based on the triggering statement. For example, an INSTEAD OF trigger could fire if a DELETE statement is detected. Rather than deleting data from the table, the INSTEAD OF trigger performs another action. INSTEAD OF triggers are also often used to extend the types of updates that a view can support. For example, INSTEAD OF triggers can be configured to modify multiple base tables that contain columns using the timestamp data type.
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When users have multiple languages configured, language-related problems will prob ably occur. One of the more common issues occurs when a user who has multiple lan guages configured accidentally changes the default language in use by unintentionally hitting the key combination that switches between them. By default, pressing left ALT+SHIFT switches between languages. Users who accidentally use that combination might suddenly find themselves with a keyboard that does not act as it is supposed to, and they will not have any explanation for why it happened. You have to use the Lan guage Bar to switch back to the default language, and you might want to disable this feature while you are at the computer.
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Instrumenting Your Application
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You can move detached Windows Sidebar gadgets by hovering the mouse over them until the side panel appears and then dragging them to a new position. If desired, it is possible to move detached Windows Sidebar gadgets back to the Sidebar. It is also possible to modify the properties of a detached gadget by right-clicking it. From this context menu, it is possible to alter the detached gadget s opacity. Detached gadgets are visible only when the area of the desktop on which they are located is visible, unless you have configured them to be always on top. Right-clicking the Windows Sidebar and clicking Bring Gadgets To Front also displays detached gadgets. If you close a detached Windows Sidebar Gadget, you can return the gadget to the desktop only by adding it again to the Windows Sidebar and then dragging it back onto the desktop.
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In .NET 2.0, there are new types of applications that are meant to be deployed and installed from Web pages called Click-Once applications or, sometimes, Smart-client applications. These new types of applications are meant to solve deployment of applications across a company or enterprise.
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This isn t an easy acknowledgment to write because there are so many people who deserve my eternal gratitude. First I d like to thank Laura Sackerman, Maureen Zim merman, and Ken Jones at Microsoft for helping me out so much along the way. You are a true joy to work with. I d like to thank our technical editor, Jim Fuchs, for work ing so hard and providing such helpful feedback. I d like to thank Lisa Kreissler, Derek Moore, and everyone at GrandMasters for being so supportive and helpful. Next I d like to thank Magenic for providing a great work environment, which allowed me to take on such a project (and a special thanks to Chris Winland for being the coolest guy I ve partnered with on a project). To all the readers of the 70-536 book, Mohammad Ali Khankan in particular, for providing all the invaluable feedback that you did, I d like to say thank you, as well. Finally, I d like to thank Herb Sewell, the Bellhaven family, Vernon Dozier, Chris Norton, Phil what s his name, for keeping me smiling all year.
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Lesson 3: Configuring Resource Mailboxes
Figure 7-12
The upper portion of the dialog box lists the volumes that you can analyze and defragment. The middle portion provides a graphic representation of how fragmented the selected volume is. The lower portion provides a dynamic representation of the volume that continuously updates during defragmentation. The display colors indicate the condition of the volume as follows:
this.isAuthenticated = false;
Designing Transactions and Transaction Isolation
Weight Set in the DC Locator DNS SRV Records
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3. In the Secure Communications box, enable Require Secure Channel (SSL), and then click OK. 4. Click OK to close the Exchange Properties dialog box. 5. Configure the ExchWeb virtual directory to require SSL. 6. Configure the Public virtual directory to require SSL. 7. Close the IIS Manager console.
Creating Multiple User Objects
Group Policy Settings
8. Click OK or Close to close the dialog boxes.
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