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The WebBrowser control provides methods that enable navigation of the Web in your application. The primary method for navigation is the Navigate method. This method takes a string argument that indicates the URL for the document to be loaded into the WebBrowser control. The following example demonstrates the Navigate method.
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Lesson 1: You Can Tune an Application . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 531 Lesson 2: Application Flow-Logic Diagrams. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 543
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In this practice, you will configure the LSTesting database as the primary database and create the backup job for the log shipping configuration. 1. In SSMS, select the LSTesting database. 2. Right-click the LSTesting database and choose Properties. 3. Select the Transaction Log Shipping page. 4. Select the Enable This As A Primary Database In A Log Shipping Configuration check box. 5. Click Backup Settings. 6. Specify the UNC path for the backup files in the Network Path To Backup Folder text box. For the path, use your computer name and the LSBackup shared folder for example: \\ComputerName\LSBackup. 7. Specify the local directory path for the backup file in the If The Backup Folder Is Located On The Primary Server, Type A Local Path To The Folder text box. Use the path C:\LogShipPractice\LSBackup. 8. Click OK to close the Transaction Log Backup Settings dialog box. By default, SQL Server deletes all transaction log backups older than 72 hours, notifies you if a backup does not occur within one hour, and backs up the transaction log every 15 minutes. 9. Click OK to configure the primary database. Wait for the Save Log Shipping Configuration message to appear, and then click Close.
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NTFS permissions can be configured using the ACL editor, which itself has three dialog boxes: the Security tab, Advanced Security Settings, and Permission Entry For. Permissions can be allowed or denied; explicit or inherited. A Deny permission takes precedence over an Allow permission; and an explicit permission takes pre cedence over an inherited permission. The result is that an explicit Allow permis sion can override an inherited Deny permission. Inheritance allows an administrator to manage permissions from a single parent folder that contains files and folders that share common resource access require ments. A new object s ACL will, by default, include the inheritable permissions from the parent folder. It is possible to change the effect of inherited permissions on an object several ways. You can modify the original (parent s) permission and allow the new permission to be inherited by the object; you can set an explicit permission on the object, which will take precedence over the inherited permission; or you can dis allow inheritance on the object and configure an ACL with explicit permissions that define resource access. The Effective Permissions tab of the Advanced Security Settings dialog box is a useful tool that provides an approximation of resource access for a user or a group by analyzing that account s permissions as well as the permissions of groups to which that account belongs. The owner of an object can modify the object s ACL at any time. A user that is allowed Take Ownership permission may take ownership of the object, and administrators may take ownership of any object on the system. Administrators, Backup Operators, and other accounts that have been given the Restore Files And Directories user right can transfer ownership of a file or folder from the current owner to any other user or group.
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Figure 12-19 Configuring the array membership during ISA Server installation
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At the moment, the try/catch block is looking for a specific FaultException. 5. To capture a general fault that is generated in the WCF service, add the following catch block to the end of the try/catch statement:
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Designing a filegroup strategy begins with the initial creation of the database. Every database should have a minimum of two filegroups when you create it. You use one of the filegroups, designated as PRIMARY, to contain all the system objects for the data base. Use the second and all subsequent filegroups to store all the user objects. By ensuring that the primary filegroup contains only system objects, you minimize the possibility of needing to restore the primary filegroup, thereby ensuring that you can perform an online restore operation in the maximum number of cases. To ensure that objects cannot inadvertently be created on the primary filegroup, you also need to set the DEFAULT property. The filegroup designated as the default filegroup is where SQL Server creates any user objects for which you do not specify a filegroup location in the CREATE statement.
For more information about Client Access server data, search Exchange Server 2007 Help for Client Access Server Data or access http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/aa998364.aspx.
figure 2-12 A red arrow indicates the error path for rows that fail in the Data Conversion Transformation.
There isn t any partial usage of Message contracts. After you introduce a Message contract into an operation s signature, you must use a Message contract as the only parameter type and as the return type of the operation. This is in contrast with the more typical scenario in which you have a parameter list or return value composed of Data contracts or serializable types.
Diagnosis Using the Windows System Log
1. Correct Answer: C A. Incorrect: The Active Directory snap-in in Server Manager, if launched, will be run with the same credentials as the custom console. An Access Denied error will continue to occur.
EXEC <stored procedure>
The table report item has the following handles. (The numbers correspond to the numbers in Figure 10-6.)
not only can you set package, task, and container properties through expressions, but you can also update the value of connection properties while a package is running. This capability is especially useful when you have a ForEach loop that is iterating over files. you can use the variable that the full path is being captured to and update the connection for the file with a property expression. In Exercise 3 in this lesson s practice section, you will update the value of the Microsoft office Excel connection while the package is running.
high-speed network connections.
dcpromo /unattend:"path to answer file"
The service pack level at the time of this writing is Service Pack 1 (SP1). Unless otherwise indicated, all the information in the chapter applies to both SQL Server 2005 and SQL Server 2005 SP1.
("Data Source=.\\sqlexpress;Initial Catalog=Northwind;Integrated
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