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Your contact at Tailspin Toys has called to complain that the SQL Server 2005 database server you installed appears to be having some problems. After she describes the situation to you, you suspect the following:
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This lesson discusses the physical performance of the server on which SQL Server 2005 is installed, as well as the tools that you use to diagnose physical server problems. The principal tools you use for this purpose are the Windows Server 2003 Performance tools Systems Monitor and Performance Logs and Alerts.
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System.Security.Policy.FileCodeGroup A code group with a membership condition that you specify and a permission set allowing only FileIOPermission to the directory from which the code is run. System.Security.Policy.FirstMatchCodeGroup A code group that must contain multiple child code groups to be unique. Assemblies are assigned the permission set of the first child code group with a matching membership condition, combined with the permission set assigned to the FirstMatchCodeGroup parent object. The differences between this and UnionCodeGroup is that UnionCodeGroup creates a permission set based on all child code groups with matching membership conditions. If this code group has no child code groups, it will behave exactly like UnionCodeGroup. System.Security.Policy.NetCodeGroup A code group with a membership condition that you specify, and a permission set allowing only WebPermission to the site from which the code is run. Access is granted only for the protocol over which the code was run, with the exception of code run over the HTTP protocol, which is also granted access to HTTPS.
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Installing Exchange Server and Configuring Server Roles
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Create a method to handle the callback object. This method takes one IAsyncResult object as a parameter. Create an AsyncCallback object for each BeginInvoke you plan to use, specifying the name of the method you created. Specify this callback object as the first parameter in each BeginInvoke instance.
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Putting Users and Groups Together. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4-29
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Do not use a layer-2 switch to connect the array members. The reason is that NLB uses a virtual physical address for the virtual IP address. None of the ISA Server network adapters registers that physical address on the switch, so incoming packets are flooded to all ports on the switch. Instead, connect the network adapters to a hub and uplink that hub to the network switch. When NLB is enabled on all the networks in the array, you must add a network adapter that is dedicated for intra-array traffic. Place this network adapter on a separate network subnet. In this way, all outgoing traffic to other array members will pass only through this network adapter and not through load-balanced networks. When the Configuration Storage server is installed on an array member, the IP address that the array members use to access the Configuration Storage server
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Table 4-14 IDictionary Methods
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How ISA Server Restricts Content
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In an object-based OU structure, shown in Figure 4-1, delegation of control is assigned
The simplest method for gathering workstation inventory information is, of course, to look at each computer. You can open each computer case and look inside, but even then, it can be hard to locate the information you need. Components are often not clearly marked on the outside, and many computers pack them in so tightly that you would have to disassemble them to find out, for example, the capacities of the hard disks. And even if you can determine the disk capacities in this way, you have no way of knowing how much free space there is on the disks without starting the computer and manually checking free space as well. This method is far too complicated if you have more than two or three workstations to inventory. What you need is some sort of tool that produces a report listing the hardware inside the computer.
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It s not that things don t work right now, but sometimes our users get a slow response due to the monthly invoicing run in the financial system. We try and do all our financial updates the second the user clicks Pur chase, but the response is too slow. Slow Systems unavailable What is this, the Dark Ages Think of some thing smart! I want high performance, high availability and by that I mean 24/7/ 365!
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Exam Tip Keep in mind that you cannot use graphical tools on Server Core. To manage instances located on Server Core installations, use the graphical tools from a full Windows installation or from a client system running Remote Server Administration Tools (RSAT) to control them remotely. Working with AD LDS instances requires care and attention because almost every activity is performed either through the command line or by using distinguished names. As you have seen when working with AD DS, typographical errors are the bane of any administrator
This code forces consumers of your Web service to maintain state and add additional code to their client applications. You must consider this drawback when deciding whether to implement session state in your Web services.
Start Processes without Command-Line Arguments
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