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Lab 1: Creating and Installing a Web Setup Project . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 235
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Creating multiple nonclustered indexes Reorganizing different indexes on the same table Reorganizing different indexes while rebuilding nonoverlapping indexes on the same table
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Fires can be prevented and also suppressed so that damage does not occur to a sys tem. However, planning for this type of disaster must take into account the people who might be in the data center as well as the servers. The suppression system used must be able to handle the fire while also not putting personnel or the environment in danger. Most of the systems deployed currently use venting and carbon dioxide extinguishers. Oxygen masks should also be present if personnel have to fight fires. In general, the best solution for all IT personnel is to simply leave the building.
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Column-level check constraints are applied only to the column and cannot reference data in another other column. Table-level check constraints can reference any column within a table but cannot reference columns in other tables.
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Name Close WaitOne
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' VB Dim c As New Customer() c.Name = "Contoso" c.City = "Redmond" Dim version As MessageVersion = MessageVersion.Soap12 Dim m As Message = Message.CreateMessage(version, "HandleAllMessages", c) // C# Customer c = new Customer(); c.Name = "Contoso"; c.City = "Redmond"; MessageVersion version = MessageVersion.Soap12; Message m = Message.CreateMessage(version, "HandleAllMessage", c);
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Understanding Lite-Touch Deployment Requirements
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queue = MessageQueue.Create(path, false); } queue.Label = path; queue.EncryptionRequired = EncryptionRequired.Body; queue.MessageReadPropertyFilter.SenderCertificate = true; return queue;
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The System Monitor snap-in displays counter values in a graph by default.
Lesson 1
9 discussed the comparison operators -ne, -eq, -ge, and so on. For more information, refer to Table 9-2 in that chapter.
Estimated lesson time: 30 minutes
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User Account Types and Capabilities
chapter, I describe an alternative method for building the Default User folder, which I think is more precise and yields a cleaner default user profile. 5. Deploy the default user profile. You can put the Default User folder in %SYSTEMDRIVE%\Documents and Settings on disk images and then deploy them, or you can put the Default User folder on the NETLOGON share of the server. I prefer the second method because it separates settings from the disk images, which allows me to update settings much more easily. Alternatives to Default User Profiles An alternative to customizing a bunch of settings in default user profiles is scripting. Create a script that configures Windows XP user settings per your company's requirements. This assumes that you have a specification, or at the very least, a list of settings that you want to customize for users. Then edit the Ntuser.dat hive file in the disk image's Default User folder, adding the command that executes the script to the key HKCU\Software\Microsoft \Windows\CurrentVersion\RunOnce. The Ntuser.dat hive file in the Default User folder doesn't contain the RunOnce key by default, so you must add it. Then add a REG_SZ value to this key the name is arbitrary and put the command line you want to execute in it. Each time Windows XP creates a new user profile, it executes the script to customize the user's settings. Also, you can add a script that customizes the current user profile to HKLM\Software \Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run. Windows XP runs this script every time a user logs on to the computer. If you want only to configure settings the first time the user logs on to the computer, add code to the script that checks for a value in HKCU and runs only if that value doesn't exist. Then end the script with code that creates the missing value so that the script doesn't run the next time the user logs on to the computer. 9, "Scripting Registry Changes," shows you how to write scripts using Windows Scripting Host, and these are ideal for this scenario.
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Figure 3 4: Before continuing, make sure you save your documents and close any programs that are running. System Restore restarts your computer. 4. Click a date, and then click the restore point in the list. 5. Click Next again, and Windows XP restarts so it can restore your configuration to the restore point you selected. Sometimes, if your configuration is unstable enough, you won't be able to start Windows XP normally. That leaves you with Safe Mode, which you'll learn about in "Advanced Options Menu," later in this chapter. In Safe Mode, you can't create restore points, but you can restore ones that have already been created. Thus, if Windows XP doesn't start normally, start it in Safe Mode, restore to an earlier configuration, and then restart the computer.
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