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Generating DataMatrix in Microsoft Word Note Workflow in Office 2007 is deeply intertwined with the new Office servers and the significant

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Remote Data Portal (with Remoting)
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Full: Adds provisions for (again, this list is not exhaustive) Connection management A BIT string data type Deferrable integrity constraints Derived tables in the FROM clause Subqueries in CHECK clauses Temporary tables
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To update data, you simply change the value assigned to properties of the entity objects that interest you and call SaveChanges. Listing 30-12 contains a demonstration, modifying the Employee record that I
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Figure 5-14. A modified Login control
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Figure 11-7. Add TaskProp as a property. After the TaskProp property is added, click the ellipse again, and this time add a field called TaskGUID. After adding these properties to the CreateTask1 activity, add the CorrelationToken property to the OnTaskChanged1 and CompleteTask1 activities. You do this by choosing TaskToken from the drop-down list for the CorrelationTask property on each activity. The set of activities is defined by a Sequence activity. You should place all the existing activities inside a Sequence activity. The new workflow is shown in Figure 11-8.
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Figure 9-4. The base keyword The parameters of a constructor are followed by a colon (:), which is followed by the base keyword, the open parenthesis character ((), the parameters to pass to the base constructor, and the close parenthesis character ()). In the example, I pass only one parameter value, taking advantage of the optional parameters feature used by the Person constructor. You cannot call base constructors from the body of your constructor as you can in other programming languages. The only way to call a base constructor is by using the base keyword, as shown in Figure 9-4. You can do the same kinds of things with parameters when using the base keyword as you can when using the this keyword; see the Overloading Constructors section for details and an example. The body of the base class constructor is executed before the derived class constructor. If we were to create an instance of Employee using the following statement:
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What we really needed was a new start an integrated, object-oriented development framework that would bring consistency and elegance back to programming. To meet this need, Microsoft set out to develop a code execution environment and a code development environment that met the goals illustrated in Figure 1-1.
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Base Access
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The debugging process should not begin when a bug is discovered. Instead, it should start during application design. You should include logging functionality in your application, such as error logs and audit logs. An error log is useful for tracking exceptions thrown by an application. Exceptions also come with stack traces that help in identifying the code path that lead to the exception. Audit logs can be used to reconstruct what users were doing within the application leading up to an error. These are important elements that must go into application design and development, but there are also other approaches you can use to make code easier to debug, such as including extra logging or other features in special debug mode builds of an application. Any time you go about debugging, however, you must take a structured approach to hunting bugs down.
// Second enum type
Some cells in the Values area are empty, and you d prefer they contain a zero or a couple of dashes. This example is based on the Regions.xlsx workbook.
Elapsed times include waiting on following events: Event waited on Times ---------------------------------------Waited latch: row cache objects 7891 cursor: pin S 191 cursor: pin S wait on X 310 latch: shared pool 270 latch: library cache 539 latch: library cache lock 125 latch free 57 kksfbc child completion 4
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