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Indicates whether the object s primary identifying value in memory corresponds to a primary key in a database if not, the object is new Indicates whether the object s data in memory is known to be different from data in the database if different, the object is dirty Indicates whether the object itself has been changed, or if any of its child objects have been changed Indicates whether the object currently has any broken validation rules if so, the object is not valid Indicates whether the object itself is valid, and whether all its child objects are also valid Indicates whether the object can be saved by combining IsValid, IsDirty, authorization, and edit level, and whether there are any outstanding async validation rules running Indicates whether the object is marked for deletion
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The IComparable interface, shown in the following example, is defined in the .NET base classes: public interface IComparable { int CompareTo(object obj); } The IComparable interface has a single method, CompareTo, that represents the object instance to compare to. The IComparable interface works if the object that performs the testing implements this interface. The problem with this approach is if the objects to be compared don t have IComparable implemented, then the comparer functor won t work. It s similar to the Decorator pattern, where all implementations concerned have to cooperate. From the .NET base classes, another interface, IComparer, can be used to compare two objects and is defined as follows:
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My name is Adam and I live in London
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s Note This code example uses the .NET Remoting technology to contact a web server and have it instantiate an object on the server. In 4, you ll see how to do this with Web Services and Enterprise Services as well. Sometime late in 2006, Microsoft plans to release the Windows Communication Foundation (WCF), code-name Indigo, to replace and update all these technologies. The design in 4 will leave the door open to easily add support for WCF when it becomes available.
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addError("Email",er); } else { //Remove error removeError("Email", "E502"); } } #endregion Here we either add or remove validation errors for the Email property based on the retrieved error code from the validation method ValidateEmail on the web service. And there is the same kind of approach for the vds_ValidateUrlCompleted method. void vds_ValidateUrlCompleted(object sender, ValidationServiceReference.ValidateUrlCompletedEventArgs e) { if (e.Result) { //Remove the error removeError("Websiteurl", "W501"); } else { //add the error ErrorInfo er = new ErrorInfo("W501", "Website does not exist."); addError("Websiteurl", er); } } Here, based on retrieved bool value, we add or remove one validation error for the Websiteurl property. With this Consultant class, implementing INotifyDataErrorInfo is now complete. Next we need to quickly set up the user interface to make use of this class.
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JIT Compiler Exceptions
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EH Block Ending Instructions
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1. In MainPage.xaml.cs, raise and handle a MouseLeftButtonDown event for ImageSelector,
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1. Internal buffers are initialized. 2. The empty template of a PE file is created in memory, including an MS-DOS header and stub, a PE signature, a COFF header, and a PE header. 3. The Import Address table, and the CLR header are allocated in the .text section.
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The GlobalContext and ClientContext collections are exposed to both client and server code through static methods on the Csla.ApplicationContext class. All business object and UI code will use properties on the Csla.ApplicationContext class to access any context data. When a call is made from the client to the server, the client s context data must flow to the server; the data portal does this by using the DataPortalContext object.
Library uses the metaphor of a bookshelf as the interface motif, which is immediately recognizable. This same notion of context is applied in a variety of applications on the iPhone as well. Consider the Messages application that presents text messages as word bubbles or the Maps application that uses pushpins to represent points of interest on the current map view. Eucalyptus is an excellent iPhone OS book-reading application that uses a bookshelf metaphor for browsing books and a graphically rich representation of turning a real page when flipping between pages of a digital book. All of these uses of context help a user quickly understand how to interact with your application and aid in setting the proper expectations for how your interface behaves. All developers should consider the mental model their users will develop when using their application. It s important to maintain this context with consistency throughout your application. This mental model that you build for your users will allow them to quickly become comfortable and fluent in your application. When you meet the users expectations for that mental model, they will perceive your application as natural, intuitive, and a pleasure to use. When possible, presenting and maintaining this context visually within your application can be of great benefit. Several of Apple s applications have an immediately visible presentation of the context. The Camera, Compass, and Voice Memos applications that ship with the iPhone all provide elements of real and familiar physical objects to set the stage in the user s mind. The Notes application looks like a familiar pad of legal paper. When you launch Notes, your mental model of the application begins to instantly develop around your notions of a pad of paper. Many times, the small visual details make a big difference in maintaining your context. In Delicious Library, deleting a book results in an animation that burns the book up into smoke, but deleting a DVD shatters it into pieces. These little details help reinforce the model of books and DVDs in the application. Be careful not to break the context you have developed for your user. Few things are more jarring when using an application than sudden, unexpected behavior. If you set up a mental model of a real-world object in your application, you must strive to maintain the behaviors of that object, or you risk disappointing your user.
You can apply a filter to the FileSystemMonitor so that only changes affecting files and directories whose names match the filter cause events to be raised. The default filter is *.*, which means that changes to any file or folder will result in a change. Listing 20-14 demonstrates applying a filter. Listing 20-14. Filtering the Files That Are Monitored by a FileSystemWatcher using System; using System.IO; class Listing 14 { static void Main(string[] args) { // create temporary directory string tempDirPath = Path.Combine(Path.GetTempPath(), Path.GetRandomFileName()); // create the directory specified by the path Directory.CreateDirectory(tempDirPath); // create a FileSystemWatcher to look for changes FileSystemWatcher fsWatcher = new FileSystemWatcher(tempDirPath); // filter the files we are interested in fsWatcher.Filter = "*.txt"; Console.WriteLine("Filter: {0}", fsWatcher.Filter); // start watching for events fsWatcher.EnableRaisingEvents = true;
Files Filter
IEditableObject is most important when an object is being edited within a grid control. In that case, this interface is the only way to get the editing behavior that s expected by users. Clearly, implementing the interface requires understanding of how it is used. The interface defines three methods, as described in Table 3-6. Table 3-6. IEditableObject Interface Methods
You can also use your iPod touch to connect to Google Docs and other servers with GoodReader. Follow these steps to do so: 1. 2. In the Web Downloads tab, choose Connect to Servers. Select Google Docs. (You can select a number of different servers, including mail servers such as MobileMe iDisk, Public iDisk, Dropbox,,,, and WebDAV Server. You can also select FTP servers.) Enter your Google Docs username and password to log in. Once you ve established a connection, a new Google Docs Server icon will appear under the Connect to Server tab on the right-hand side of the page. Tap the new Google tab to connect to the server (an Internet connection is required). Now you ll see a list of all the documents you have stored on Google Docs. Tap any document and select the file type to download it. Usually PDF works well for this. (Google docs will show a Save As... dialog where you can choose PDF as the file type. The nice thing about PDF files is that they are easier to work with.) Once the file is downloaded, it will appear on the left-hand side of GoodReader and you can simply touch it to open it.
field in our ViewModel. The code that follows first checks to see if we have something selected. The code should always have something selected, but we want to err on the side of caution. It then sets the SelectedUser property in our ViewModel to the currently selected item. private void UserList_SelectionChanged(object sender,Controls .SelectionChangedEventArgs e) { // TODO: Add event handler implementation here. if (UserList.SelectedItem != null) { _model.SelectedUser = UserList.SelectedItem as User; } }
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