Figure 5-3. Our custom activity and its tooltip, as shown in the Toolbox in Office Word

Deploy datamatrix 2d barcode in Office Word Figure 5-3. Our custom activity and its tooltip, as shown in the Toolbox

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3 Models
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What Are Conversions Implicit Conversions Explicit Conversions and Casting Types of Conversions Numeric Conversions Reference Conversions Boxing Conversions Unboxing Conversions User-Defined Conversions The is Operator The as Operator
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Figure 9-15. Project node ready to create a details form
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The member access modifiers in a class s declaration specify which other types can and cannot access which members of the class. For example, the following declaration shows members declared with the five access levels. public class MyClass { public int Member1; private int Member2; protected int Member3; internal int Member4; protected internal int Member5; ... The access levels are based on two characteristics with regard to the class being declared: Whether the class is derived from the class being declared Whether a class is in the same assembly as the class being declared These two characteristics yield four groups, as illustrated in Figure 7-15. In relation to the class being declared, another class can be any of the following: In the same assembly and derived from it (bottom right) In the same assembly but not derived from it (bottom left) In a different assembly and derived from it (top right) In a different assembly and not derived from it (top left) These characteristics are used to define the five access levels.
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You have quite a few options for declaring a property in a CSLA .NET business object, and I ll walk you through all the details. You can choose to declare your own Private backing fields, or you can allow CSLA .NET to manage the values of your properties. Before getting into those options in detail, I ll briefly walk through one common option so you get a feel for the overall structure. Most properties are declared like this: Private Shared NameProperty As PropertyInfo(Of String) = _ RegisterProperty(New PropertyInfo(Of String)("Name")) Public Property Name() As String Get Return GetProperty(NameProperty) End Get Set(ByVal value As String) SetProperty(NameProperty, value) End Set End Property The RegisterProperty() method registers the property s metadata with CSLA .NET, so the framework is aware of the property. Internally, CSLA .NET maintains a list of all the IPropertyInfo objects for each business object type. These values are Shared, so all instances of the type share one list. The field manager subsystem in the Csla.Core.FieldManager namespace maintains the list of IPropertyInfo objects. I ll discuss the field manager later in the chapter. The GetProperty() and SetProperty() methods help minimize the code you would otherwise have to write to trigger authorization, business, and validation rules; status tracking; and data binding.
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implementation. They are Set the current gear, Get the current gear, Set the number of gears the transmission has, and Get the number of gears the transmission has. A real sports car is one that implements this interface and, by definition, these methods:
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There are few applications that do not have to work with data. Silverlight offers a rich binding model that makes it very easy to work with data. Let s create a simple example to bind data to a text box: 1. 2. 3. Add a new folder called DataBinding to the example project. Right-click and Add New Item Silverlight UserControl. Call it DataBindingTest. In the XAML, you need to add a namespace reference to the assemblies you're going to use. Add the following line in the UserControl tag of DataBindingTest.xaml: xmlns:Data="clrnamespace:System.Windows.Controls;assembly=System.Windows.Controls.Data" 4. Between the layout root tag add the following: <StackPanel Orientation="Vertical"> <TextBlock>Bound programmatically:</TextBlock> <TextBox x:Name="txtBoundProgrammatically" Width="300" Height="20"></TextBox> <TextBlock>Bound declaratively:</TextBlock> <TextBox x:Name="txtDeclaration" Width="300" Text="{Binding Title, Mode=OneWay}" Height="20" ></TextBox> </StackPanel>
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a new line, as in Figure 2-71.
string GUID
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