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Once you have a project with files compiled to managed code as well as files compiled to native code, you need to call functions compiled to managed code from functions compiled to native code and vice versa. As mentioned in 1, function declarations and type declarations are sufficient to call from native to managed code and vice versa. 9 discusses all internals of function calls with managed/unmanaged transitions.
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The same thing is done for DataPortal_Fetch(), DataPortal_Insert(), DataPortal_Update(), DataPortal_DeleteSelf(), and DataPortal_Delete(). Since a subclass of BusinessBase is an editable object, all the data portal operations are valid. Likewise, the same default methods are implemented in BusinessListBase. Again, it is the base for editable collections, and so all operations are valid. Csla.ReadOnlyBase and Csla.ReadOnlyListBase are used to create read-only objects. As such, only the DataPortal.Fetch() operation is valid. This means that only DataPortal_Fetch() is implemented as a Protected Overridable default. All the other DataPortal_XYZ methods are implemented with Private scope, and they all throw exceptions if they are called. This ensures that read-only objects can only be retrieved never inserted, updated, or deleted. This completes the enhancements to the business object base classes that are required for the data portal to function. 5 will implement a couple more base classes, and they too will have comparable features. Now let s move on and implement the data portal itself, feature by feature. The data portal is designed to provide a set of core features, including
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The System.Windows.UIElement class contains four new events DragEnter, DragLeave, DragOver, and Drop in Silverlight 4 that can be implemented to enable drag-and-drop functionality. The AllowDrop property must be set to true in order to raise these events. If you set the AllowDrop property to false, even if these events are implemented, they will not be raised. Table 7-1 details these properties of the System.Windows.UIElement class. Table 7-1. Events of the System.Windows.UIElement Class
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Also, suppose you had implemented the classic try/catch block in your JavaScript, and checking for a necessary condition turned out to be false. You can generate a custom typed exception for proper handling later. The create method is all that is needed to create a custom exception as shown in the following GenerateError function:
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Setting Up a Development Environment
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IL Assembler
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CHAPTER 3: Brightkite for the iPHone
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Global Attributes
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The ViewBox control is a container that can contain one, and only one, child. The difference is that when the ViewBox is scaled it scales its children with it. This makes this a unique content control and one that has been around in WPF for quite some time now. Silverlight developers have long requested this be added to the Silverlight Framework because of its unique abilities. Prior to Silverlight 4 developers had to download and install the Silverlight Toolkit to make use of this control. Now, it is simply available when you install Silverlight 4.
The official Microsoft documentation on these methods is somewhat inconsistent with their actual behavior. In the documentation, only BeginEdit() is noted for being called multiple times, but experience has shown that any of these methods may be called multiple times.
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