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Object Persistence and Object-Relational Mapping
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As a platform, the iPhone is still incredibly young, and certain elements lack predefined standards. This was the case when we began to design the check boxes for to-do lists within the application. At the time (in the original iPhone operating system), no native application included a check box mechanism. The closest item, functionally, was the on/off switch in settings panes, which wasn t appropriate. We ended up taking the look of the check box in Mobile Safari and customizing that to match the height of our rows and to add a bit more texture and definition. While this was still stylized, we felt using a Safari check box would also improve the association with the Basecamp web application. Since then, the iPhone OS has changed significantly, one difference being the ability to select multiple e-mail messages for editing or deleting. Now, we have a standard defined by Apple of what check boxes should look like: a gray outlined circle that changes to be filled with red and a checkmark once selected (see Figure 4-12). We have yet to modify the check boxes in Outpost, though, as I remain unconvinced.
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Finally, there s the Assignments table. A many-to-many relationship exists between projects and resources a project can have a number of resources assigned to it, and a resource can be assigned to a number of projects. The way you can represent this relationally is to create a link table that contains the primary keys of both tables. In this case, it will also include information about the relationship, including the date of the assignment and the role that the resource plays in the project, as shown in Figure 3-23.
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Note One of my goals here is to get you thinking outside of the box just a bit. The rest of the book has
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Gets/sets the orientation of the scrollbar. Possible values: Horizontal, Vertical. Default value is Horizontal. Specifies the amount of content that is currently visible according to the position of the thumb within the scrollbar. Defaults to 0.
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call. In this case, the web method is named getCarValue, and the service is called CarService, so the method that needs to be called is CarService.getCarValue. If the web service is defined within a namespace, then the name of the method would be prefixed by the namespace (e.g., if the namespace is MyServicesForAjaxApps, then the method name would be MyServicesForAjaxApps.CarService.getCarValue). If you are in doubt as to what to use, then look at the value of the Class attribute in the web service s .asmx file (see the <%@ WebService %> attribute at the start of the .asmx file) and use that appended with the name of the web method. Now, the getCarValue web method only expects three parameters, but we ve passed five parameters into the web service proxy. Because the AJAX Library invokes web services asynchronously, it needs to inform you when the call to the web service is complete. The two additional parameters are the names of the methods to call if the web service call completes successfully and the method to call if it fails. In this case, the function onComplete will be called if the web service call completes successfully, and the function onError will be called if there is a problem calling the web service. In this example, you need to implement the callback functions like this:
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The Stack and the Heap
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