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This memory warning typically gets issued when you re down to about 1.5MB of free RAM. Presumably, you should free up unneeded memory when you get this warning, but realistically it is unlikely that that is an option. If you ve written your game with care, then you shouldn t have any stray assets just hanging around wasting memory in the first place, so this warning usually doesn t do much good other than to notify you that your app is probably about to crash. In my games, I use this warning during the development stages to see how my memory usage is going. If I get lots of these warnings when playing the game, then I know I need to go back in and do some additional asset reduction to free up some RAM. In some games, I track the number of times this warning gets issued, and if it happens a lot, then I may bring up a warning dialog box for the user to let them know that they should reboot their iPhone.
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object to animate and Storyboard.TargetProperty is the property to animate. You should be familiar with Duration, From, and To.
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Multicasting with Delegates
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Tip You don t have to use any of these capitalization styles, but I recommend that you do, because it will keep your code consistent when you use the code libraries from Microsoft and others.
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