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What follows is a list of frequently asked questions about iTunes for the iPod touch, followed by short answers that address the core concern or issue raised by the question. Is the iTunes software on my computer the same as the iTunes app on my iPod touch The iTunes software on your computer does the same job as a number of apps on your iPod touch. You need the following apps on your iPod touch to do all that iTunes can do on your computer: Music, Videos, iTunes, iBooks, and the App Store.
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Prepare an object for serialization for binary or SOAP serialization. Prepare an object for serialization with the Data Contract Serializer. Serialize or deserialize objects to a binary stream or a SOAP message. Selectively omit fields from binary or SOAP serialization. Participate in the serialization process.
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Else Return mList(index) End If End Get Set(ByVal value As T) If mSorted Then mList(OriginalIndex(index)) = value Else mList(index) = value End If End Set End Property Notice that the child object is ultimately returned from the original collection. The data in SortedBindingList is merely used to provide a sorted cross-reference to those objects. In the case that a sort hasn t been applied at all, no cross-reference is performed and the child object is returned from the original collection based directly on the index value: Return mList(index) The same technique is used in the Set block as well. Additionally, the IList interface requires implementation of a loosely typed Item property: Private Property Item1(ByVal index As Integer) As Object _ Implements System.Collections.IList.Item Get Return Me(index) End Get Set(ByVal value As Object) Me(index) = CType(value, T) End Set End Property This property delegates its work to the strongly typed default property implemented previously.
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Figure 7-17. A private member of any class is visible only to members of its own class (or nested classes).
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Binary File (.xnb) R U N T I M E
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example of why it s important, read recipe 4-2 in 4 on the order of matrix multiplications. You have to keep this in mind when multiplying quaternions, as you re doing here. However, for quaternions there is an exception to this rule when both rotational axes are perpendicular to each other, as is the case in the line where you calculate the additionalRotation variable. This means whether you first rotate around the (1,0,0) Right vector and then around the (0,1,0) Up vector, or the other way around, the result will be the same. This is not the case for the line where you calculate the cameraRotation variable, because both axes are not perpendicular to each other. So, here it is important you write cameraRotation*additionalRotation.
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Figure 10-6. The final UI design
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The .NET Framework frees the programmer from the COM legacy. As a C# programmer, you don t need to use COM and therefore don t need any of the following: The IUnknown interface: In COM, all objects must implement interface IUnknown. In contrast, all .NET objects derive from a single class called object. Interface programming is still an important part of .NET, but it s no longer the central theme. Type libraries: In COM, type information is kept in type libraries as .tlb files, which are separate from the executable code. In .NET, a program s type information is kept bundled with the code in the program file. Reference counting: In COM, the programmer had to keep track of the number of references to an object to make sure it wasn t deleted at the wrong time. In .NET, the GC keeps track of references and removes objects only when appropriate. HRESULT: COM used the HRESULT data type to return runtime error codes. .NET doesn t use HRESULTs. Instead, all unexpected runtime errors produce exceptions. The registry: COM applications had to be registered in the system registry, which holds information about the configurations of the operating system and applications. .NET applications don t need to use the registry. This simplifies the installation and removal of programs. (However, there is something similar called the global assembly cache, which I ll cover in 10.)
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RID: TypeDef MethodDefOrRef MethodDefOrRef
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Console.WriteLine(formatString, "Adam", "London");
ref struct Base { virtual void F(int i) { /* body */ } }; ref struct Derived : Base { virtual void F() sealed { /* body */ } };
Methods let your object perform actions. That s a pretty wide definition, and the nature of your methods will depend on the nature of your class. If we remain with the car metaphor, then we could have methods to start the engine, open the window, plot a navigation route, and so on. If our class represented a person, we might have methods that change marital status, employment status, and relationships, with objects representing other people. Many methods change the state of an object, typically by changing the value assigned to one of the fields. Other methods will use the value assigned to one of the fields to calculate some kind of value. Listing 6-3 shows our example class with some methods. Listing 6-3. Adding Methods to a Class public class VolvoC30 { public string CarOwner; public string PaintColor; public int MilesPerGallon = 30; public int CalculateFuelForTrip(int tripDistance) { return tripDistance / MilesPerGallon; } public void PrintCarDetails() {
using Microsoft.Web.Services2; using Microsoft.Web.Services2.Security; using Microsoft.Web.Services2.Security.Tokens; using Microsoft.Web.Services2.Messaging; [SoapActor("http://localhost/SOAPRouter/StockTrader.asmx")] public class StockTraderService : Microsoft.Web.Services2.WebService { public Quote RequestQuote(string Symbol) { // Step 1: Verify the signature on the Web service request to this method bool SignatureIsValid = true; // Code to verify that the request is digitally signed SoapContext requestContext = RequestSoapContext.Current; foreach (ISecurityElement objElem in requestContext.Security.Elements) { if (objElem is MessageSignature) { Signature clientSignature = (MessageSignature)objElem; if (clientSignature.SecurityToken is X509SecurityToken) { SignatureIsValid = true; } else { SignatureIsValid = false; } } } // Step 2: Create a new Quote object, but only populate it // if the signature is valid
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