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There are several stages to executing a query in this way. Once I have created the SqlConnection object, I call the CreateCommand method to create a SqlCommand object. This is the object that will represent our query. I provide the SQL itself using the CommandText property. In the case of this example, I am querying for all columns in the Employees table for rows where the City column has the value London:
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The Problem
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Note Yes, in the middle of Listing 8-10 I have a hard-coded username and password. Trust me, that s
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The if statement implements conditional execution. The syntax for the if statement is shown here, and is illustrated in Figure 9-1. If TestExpr evaluates to true, Statement is executed. If it evaluates to false, Statement is skipped. TestExpr must evaluate to a value of type bool. if( TestExpr ) Statement
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Figure 29 1. The iTunes screen showing the Ping feature, new in version 10.0.
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