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User-defined conversions are discussed in greater detail in 18, but I ll mention them here as well because they are operators. You can define both implicit and explicit conversions for your own classes and structs. This allows you to convert an object of your user-defined type to some other type, and vice versa. C# provides implicit and explicit conversions. With an implicit conversion, the compiler automatically makes the conversion, if necessary, when it is resolving what types to use in a particular context. With an explicit conversion, the compiler will make the conversion only when an explicit cast operator is used.
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The Business Methods region is constructed in the same manner as Project. It contains instance field declarations and any properties or methods that interact with those fields. The instance fields used in this object are as follows: Private Private Private Private Private Private mResourceId As Integer mFirstName As String = "" mLastName As String = "" mAssigned As New SmartDate(Today) mRole As Integer mTimestamp(7) As Byte
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Creating a Custom Principal Class
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The declaration of a class can be partitioned among several partial class declarations. Each of the partial class declarations contains the declarations of some of the class members. The partial class declarations of a class can be in the same file or in different files. Each partial declaration must be labeled as partial class, in contrast to the single keyword class. The declaration of a partial class looks the same as the declaration of a normal class, other than the addition of the type modifier partial. Type modifier partial class MyPartClass { member1 declaration member2 declaration ... } Type modifier partial class MyPartClass { member3 declaration member4 declaration ... }
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Generic vs. Nongeneric Container Classes
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What Is an Interface
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When implementing an interface in a generic type, there must be no possible combination of type arguments that would create a duplicate interface in the type. For example, in the following code, class Trivial uses two instantiations of interface IMyIfc. The first one is a constructed type, instantiated with type int. The second one has a type parameter rather than an argument. This causes a conflict because a class must implement all its declared interfaces. But if int is used as the type argument to replace S in the second interface, then Trivial would have two interfaces of the same type which is not allowed. interface IMyIfc<T> { T ReturnIt(T inValue); } Two interfaces class Trivial<S> : IMyIfc<int>, IMyIfc<S> // Error! { public int ReturnIt(int inValue) // Implement first interface { return inValue; } public S ReturnIt(S inValue) { return inValue; } } // Implement second interface, // but if it's int, it would be // the same as the one above.
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In this section, we explored many areas of loading data. We covered the typical, everyday issues we will encounter: loading delimited files, loading fixed-length files, loading a directory full of image files, using functions on input data to transform the input, and so on. We did not cover massive data loads using the direct path loader in any detail; rather, we touched lightly on that subject. Our goal was to answer the questions that arise frequently with the use of SQLLDR and that affect the broadest audience.
Looping Through Your Data Using the Iterator Pattern
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