Testing Our InfoPath Forms Workflow in Word document

Develop DataMatrix in Word document Testing Our InfoPath Forms Workflow

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If the server is configured to use custom authentication, however, the rest of the code is executed. In that case, the first step is to make sure that the client did pass a valid IPrincipal object to the server. Valid in this case means that it isn t Nothing and that the object inherits from Csla. Security.BusinessPrincipalBase. Given a valid IPrincipal object, the server s principal value is set to match that of the client. An invalid IPrincipal value results in an exception being thrown.
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Adding the Animation
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Tap Mail Folders to Push to specify which mail folders should sync to your iPod touch. The default is just the Inbox, but you can tap to select any number of folders.
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The Silverlight application deployment package is a compressed file called the XAML Application Package (XAP). The Silverlight package is automatically generated as part of the project s build process in Visual Studio 2010. This file is simply a compressed ZIP archive that stores mandatory files, such as the application manifest and the main application DLL, and optional files, such as the auxiliary library DLLs and resource files. Figure 17-8 shows the chapter3 Silverlight application project (which we developed in 3) deployment profile the deployment package file name, application manifest file name, and startup application assembly name with the namespace definition.
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Figure 10-17. Properties for the ProjectListDataSource control
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Follow these instructions, to select the pivot table and delete it: 1. Select a cell in the pivot table, and on the Ribbon, click the Options tab. 2. In the Actions group, click Select, and then click Entire PivotTable. 3. On the keyboard, press the Delete key. This removes the pivot table, and its PivotTable Style formatting, from the worksheet.
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Fields can be assigned values when we create a new object. These initial values can be specified as part of the field definition, which means that every instance of a class starts with the same value for a given field. Listing 7-2 contains an example.
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Toggling Sounds for Receiving and Sending Email
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