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If your derived class absolutely must access a hidden inherited member, you can access it by using a base access expression. This expression consists of the keyword base, followed immediately by a period and the name of the member, as shown here: Console.WriteLine("{0}", base.Field1); Base access For example, in the following code, derived class OtherClass hides Field1 in its base class but accesses it by using a base access expression. class SomeClass { // Base class public string Field1 = "Field1 -- In the base class"; } class OtherClass : SomeClass { // Derived class
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sample from working correctly on content types. I don t know if Microsoft will get it fixed in time to be part of the RTM release. I have a copy of an untested potential fix, which I ll test and integrate into my templates before I post them for you. Just keep this in mind if you re working directly with the SDK samples.
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prevent read access to information. As this processing is somewhat rare and exceptional (the problem applies only to queries that start between the prepare and the commit phases and try to read the data before the commit arrives), I will not cover it in detail.
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using a message-based approach, for which a web method accepts a complex type as a message, and returns a complex type as a resulting message. In this chapter, I demonstrated how to create web methods using both approaches so you can decide which works best in your application. The example web service and client illustrate how you can expose all the functionality of your business objects without duplicating business logic in the web service interface itself. The validation, authentication, and other business logic is all encapsulated entirely in the business objects. 12 will close the book by showing how to create remote data portal hosts for remoting, Web Services, and Enterprise Services. These remote hosts can be used by the Windows Forms, Web Forms, and Web Services interfaces you ve seen in the last three chapters.
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Once the client references the SoapContext for the request message, it can reference or assign WS- specifications with the WSE API. For example, if the incoming request message requires digital signing with a certificate, the Web service can inspect the attached digital signatures using SoapContext (as shown previously in Listing 5-4). The Web service can also use SoapContext to modify outgoing response messages. Unlike the service proxy class (described in the next section), the Web service itself does not need to derive from a specialized class in order to access the WSE functionality. However, you need to make sure the WSE support assemblies are correctly registered in the service s web.config file.
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7:34.21 15.50 (0.54) 17.11 (0.29) 15.31 (1.26) 17.23 (2.26) 17.05 (2.23) 17.23 (2.26)
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5. You re presented with the View Items/Management dialog box, shown in Figure 13-10, where you can specify an alias for the individual items. If you want to have something a little more legible than the current item names, you could certainly assign appropriate aliases here. However, for the purposes of this demonstration, you ll accept the named items and simply click Next to continue.
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s Note If you want to avoid Session, you can choose to reload the user s identity and roles from the security database on every page request. While that avoids the use of Session, it can put a substantial workload on your security database server. In PTWeb, I have opted to use Session to minimize the load on the database.
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As I mentioned earlier, the WF sample application will not work in Office workflows, so we need to take a different approach. While we re at it, we might as well take care of a few other issues with the sample application.
Implementing IDisposable
1. Right-click that new folder. 2. Click Add Existing Item. 3. Navigate to an item say, an image on your hard drive and double-click it.
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