Adds the two operands. Subtracts the second operand from the first. Multiplies the two operands. Divides the first operand by the second. Integer division rounds the result toward 0 to the nearest integer.
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Select the test Film_Should_NotValidate_With_No_Title. Right-click it and select Run selection. After the test has run, a dialog indicating the current status will be displayed (see Figure 13-9).
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// See if the letter is in the player's hand. Tile^ tile = gcnew Tile(letter); Tile^ tileToRemove = nullptr; bool tileFound = false; for each (Tile^ t in workingTiles) { if (t->LetterValue == tile->LetterValue) { tileToRemove = t; tileFound = true; break; } } if ( tileFound == true) { workingTiles->Remove( tileToRemove ); bag->Add(tile); } else // The letter was not found. { Console::WriteLine("You do not have enough {0}s to pass back.", letter); Console::WriteLine("Press any key to continue..."); Console::ReadLine(); return false; } } while (code != safe_cast<int>('\n')); // if bag->Count == 0
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Notice that neither open standards nor interop are listed here. This is because the data portal is serializing your business objects across the network, so the only way that the data on the other end of the wire can be understood is if the data is deserialized back into your business classes. The data portal is an n-tier client/server concept, and neither interop nor XML standards on the network matter within this context.
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Controls ordering of fields and properties for a class Used in conjunction with the XmlAccessType Enum to indicate if a field or property should be serialized Acts as a map of wildcard attributes for java.util.Map properties or fields Serves to identify the catchall property during unmarshalling Used to identify mime types and URIs for external content Allows renaming of a JavaBeans property to/from an XML attribute
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Not only are records added to the Projects table, but the application must allow them to be changed. The updateProject procedure provides this capability, as shown here: CREATE PROCEDURE updateProject ( @id uniqueidentifier, @name varchar(50), @started datetime, @ended datetime, @description varchar(MAX), @lastChanged timestamp, @lastChanged timestamp, @newLastChanged timestamp output )
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Let s look first at the Create() method to see how this is implemented, followed by the differences in other methods.
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Figure 5-35. Catmull-Rom spline crossing five points This can be quite useful in many cases. As an example, you can use it to generate a racing track, as explained in recipe 5-19. Also, whenever the camera zooms in very closely on a Model or terrain, you can use Catmull-Rom interpolation to generate extra vertices so you can make your Model or terrain as smooth as you want!
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The attribute indicates this class is a content importer capable of handling .csv files and that its output should be processed by the CSVHeightMapProcessor (which you will create soon) by default. In the next line, you specify that this importer will produce a CSVImporterToProcessor object. At compile time, the importer receives the file name of the .csv file to be imported and should transform it into a CSVImporterToProcessor object. Start by retrieving the width and height of the terrain, which are indicated on the first two lines of the .csv file: StreamReader file = new StreamReader(filename); string firstLine = file.ReadLine(); int width = Convert.ToInt16(firstLine.Substring(6)); string secondLine = file.ReadLine(); int height = Convert.ToInt16(secondLine.Substring(7)); The width of the future terrain starts from the sixth position on the first line (the Substring method is 0-based). The height is found at the seventh position of the second line. Now that you know the width and height of the terrain, you can create an appropriate array and fill it with the data from the file: float[,] heightData = new float[width, height]; for (int row = 0; row < height; row++) { string rowData = file.ReadLine(); for (int column = 0; column < width; column++) { int nextComma = rowData.IndexOf(";"); heightData[column, row] = Convert.ToSingle(rowData.Substring(0, nextComma)); rowData = rowData.Substring(nextComma+1); } } For each row of your array, you load in a line and save all values separated by semicolons (;) in the array. Because you ve been using some file input/output commands, you ll have to link to the namespace containing them: using System.IO; Now you have all the data ready to create a CSVImporterToProcessor object: CSVImporterToProcessor finalData = new CSVImporterToProcessor(width, height, heightData); return finalData; This object will be sent to the processor the user selects to process the asset. Obviously, the processor should be capable of processing a CSVImporterToProcessor object.
Windows 7 applications can communicate progress and application status via the task bar. For example, Figure 15-19 shows IE indicating download progress.
Figure 11-3. Adding a new message to the orchestration 6. Change the Identifier property of the new message to order. 7. Click the drop-down list for the Message Type property of the new message. Expand the Schemas node and click Select from Referenced Assembly. Find and use the Acme.Schemas order schema, as shown in Figure 11-4.
Before showing an example using the UpdateProgress control, view its properties in Table 5-6.
Implementing Dynamic Selection of Language Translation
You saw previously that interfaces are reference types and that you can get a reference to an interface by using the as operator or by casting an object reference to the interface type. If a class implements multiple interfaces, you can get separate references for each one. For example, the following class implements two interfaces with the single method PrintOut. The code in Main calls method PrintOut in three ways: Through the class object Through a reference to the IIfc1 interface Through a reference to the IIfc2 interface Figure 17-6 illustrates the class object and references to IIfc1 and IIfc2. interface IIfc1 { void PrintOut(string s); } interface IIfc2 { void PrintOut(string s); } class MyClass : IIfc1, IIfc2 { public void PrintOut(string s) { Console.WriteLine("Calling through: } } // Declare interface
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