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The important thing to remember in this case is that you must call MarkAsChild() to indicate that this is a child object. You must do this manually because the data portal is being used to load the object here as though it were a root object. The data portal doesn t know to mark the object as a child automatically, so you must do it explicitly. The end result is that the child object is created or retrieved on demand, using lazy loading. At this point you should understand how an editable object can act as a parent or a child and how a parent object manages the references to its child objects. In the next section, I discuss how this works when the parent object is an editable collection.
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The Silverlight core runtime library is a set of core .NET Framework library components that are required on the client s machine to run any rich Internet application (RIA) based on Silverlight. These components are installed on the client machine as part of the Silverlight runtime installer. As a result, an individual application does not need to include them as part of the Silverlight deployment package file. This helps to reduce the application startup package size and thus improves the application startup performance by reducing the startup download time. In the Custom Error Handling for Better User Experience section of this chapter, we will develop a user-friendly approach to acknowledge that the Silverlight runtime is not installed on the user s machine, and we provide a link to install the required Silverlight runtime plug-in.
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Figure 4-2. Object graph illustrating containment A common example of containment is a sales order, which contains a list of line item objects. Typically the SalesOrder object is a root and a parent; the LineItemList object is a child and a parent; and each LineItem object is a child. It is also possible for a list to be a root, as shown in Figure 4-3.
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Effect Overloads
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Table 10-17. The Methods in the Workflow Web Service Available with MOSS
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Straight C Is Best
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Server side: 1. Set the IIS MIME type related to the Silverlight application deployment package XAP file type (if required, for more details see the section Setting the IIS MIME Type). Deploy the Silverlight application package (XAP file). Deploy additional resource files (video files, image files, other files, assembly files). This is an optional application-specific step. Deploy additional services (with required cross-domain policy files). This is an optional application-specific step. Deploy the required database (with required cross-domain policy files). This is an optional application-specific step. Add the Silverlight plug-in or reference the deployed Silverlight application in your ASP.NET or HTML web page.
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Business Logic Data Access
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