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Auto-Saving of the Child Objects
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Open Xcode, create a new project, and choose the Navigation-Based Application template, as shown in Figure 2-3 (my New Project dialog box includes a few custom project templates, so yours won t look exactly like the one in the figure). When Xcode asks you what to call your project, name it ViewHighScores.
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Enabling the Objects for Data Binding
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In this section, we will re-create the swim calculator program using ASP.NET Web Forms. I have referred to this as a stand-alone program in the Windows Forms and WPF chapters, but I am not sure that we could count any Web Forms program as being truly stand-alone. After all, we are talking about a web program that involves a browser and a server. Web Forms is, as the name suggests, the web counterpart to Windows Forms, and you will see the now-familiar properties and events model has been used again here.
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Managed Backing Fields
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Notifies the DataServiceContext to start tracking the specified resource and supplies the location of the resource within the specified resource set. Asynchronously sends the request so that this call does not block processing while waiting for the results from the service.
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Coded Token Type
Figure 15-25. Running a silverlight app offline
The world of the very large database is demanding. It is important to keep in mind where limitations exist, and try to address them from the outset. This chapter has laid out most, if not all, of the relevant limitations within the Oracle RDBMS as of this writing. But the features and capabilities of the RDBMS software do not represent the biggest potential limitation. Instead, a very large database must be designed from the outset to accommodate the entire life cycle of the data. Most often, a data life cycle is based on time and aging, but sometimes different types of applications will yield a data life cycle based on other criteria. Know the criteria that separates data when it is newly created, when it can become read-only, and when it can be moved to different tiers of storage, before it is finally purged. Everything dies, including data it is just a matter of bothering to look far enough to understand that life cycle.
Abstract classes cannot be instantiated directly. Instead, they force a derived class to provide an implementation for any methods or properties that are modified with the abstract keyword. Listing 6-30 contains an example of an abstract class. Listing 6-30. An Abstract Class abstract class AbstractCalculator { public abstract int CalculateSum(int x, int y); public abstract int CalculateProduct(int x, int y); } The class in Listing 6-30 defines two methods but doesn t provide method bodies for them. A derived class must override these methods and implement them before it can be instantiated, as demonstrated by Listing 6-31. Listing 6-31. Deriving from an Abstract Class class CalculatorImplementation : AbstractCalculator { public override int CalculateSum(int x, int y) { return x + y; } public override int CalculateProduct(int x, int y) { return x * y; } } Derived classes that implement all the abstract members in the base class can be instantiated and used as regular classes, but usually objects are created and then upcast to the abstract class type, as follows: using System; class Listing 31 { static void Main(string[] args) { // create an instance of the derived class // and upcast it to the abstract type AbstractCalculator calc = new CalculatorImplementation(); // call the methods defined in the abstract class int result1 = calc.CalculateSum(100, 120); int result2 = calc.CalculateProduct(100, 120); // print out the results
x = 10; The whole reason for evaluating the expression is to achieve the side effect.
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