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class NewContainerConstrained< item> : NewContainer< item> where item : BaseType< item> { public void ActionMethod( item param) { param.DoSomething( MyProperty); } } The sample code can be a bit confusing because multiple actions are going on with the same type. The class NewContainerConstrained subclasses the NewContainer type. Because the NewContainer type is a Generic class, something has to be defined for the placeholder, which happens to be the placeholder identifier for the type NewContainerConstrained. As a side note, it s possible to specify a type for the subclassed type NewContainer, as shown by the following example: class NewContainerConstrained< item> : NewContainer< int> Going back to the constrained-example code, the identifiers after the where item specify the constraint. The first identifier after the where keyword must be a placeholder identifier. The colon after the placeholder identifier specifies the types that the placeholder identifier has subclassed. The additional type identifier new() indicates that the placeholder type must support a no-parameter constructor. Once the placeholder has been constrained, then the supported methods can be called. In the case of this example, that means that the item placeholder has to subclass the type BaseType, which is also a Generic type. The type BaseType has a single method DoSomething that can be called within the context of the type NewContainerConstrained. Because all Generic types use the same placeholder identifiers, there are no cast problems when the Generic types are specialized. Now let s go back to the problem of specializing the Generic type too early. The problem with early specialization is that it prematurely constrains the Generic code. If the NewContainer subclass had been specialized to be the int type, then the method call param.DoSomething would have to be specialized as well. The reason is because the constraint of the BaseType method DoSomething is defined as a placeholder. An example of rewriting the Generic code using a specialized form is as follows: class BaseType { public virtual void DoSomething( int value){ } } class NewContainerConstrained< item> : NewContainer< int> where item : BaseType { public void Method( item param) { param.DoSomething( MyProperty); } } The rewritten NewContainerConstrained type specializes the type NewContainer, and the type BaseType isn t a Generic type. The result is that you can t use the BaseType type generically to process other types. In many cases that s entirely acceptable, but it does illustrate an important Generic code fact. When writing code, your use of Generics is either entirely generic, or
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If the object s values are subsequently loaded from the database, the _isDirty value is changed to False when MarkOld() is called because MarkOld() calls a MarkClean() method: <EditorBrowsable(EditorBrowsableState.Advanced)> _ Protected Sub MarkClean() _isDirty = False If _fieldManager IsNot Nothing Then FieldManager.MarkClean() End If OnUnknownPropertyChanged() End Sub This method not only sets the _isDirty value to False but also calls MarkClean() on the FieldManager to mark all the fields it contains as being unchanged. Once the object and its fields are marked as unchanged, this method calls the OnUnknownPropertyChanged() method implemented in Csla.Core.BindableBase to raise the PropertyChanged event for all object properties. This notifies data binding that the object has changed, so WPF and Windows Forms can refresh the display for the user. I discuss the BindableBase class and data binding in 10.
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With the database password saved in the connection string, you won t be prompted for the password Tip
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The object schema information is created and returned through the ObjectSchema class, so CslaDesignerDataSourceView merely needs to delegate the work: Public Overrides ReadOnly Property Schema() As IDataSourceViewSchema Get Return New ObjectSchema( _ mOwner.DataSourceControl.TypeAssemblyName, _ mOwner.DataSourceControl.TypeName).GetViews(0) End Get End Property I ll discuss ObjectSchema shortly. The schema information returned here is used by Visual Studio so that controls like DetailsView can be aware of the columns/properties provided by the data source, along with their data types and other information.
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If all databases are SQL99-compliant, then they must be the same. At least that s often the assumption. In this section, I d like to dispel that myth. SQL99 is an ANSI/ISO standard for databases. It was the successor to the SQL92 ANSI/ISO standard, which in turn superseded the SQL89 ANSI/ISO standard. It has now been superseded itself by the SQL2003 and SQL2008 standards updates. The standard defines a language (SQL) and behavior (transactions, isolation levels, and so on) that tell you how a database will behave. Did you know that many commercially available databases are SQL99-compliant to at least some degree Did you also know that it means very little as far as query and application portability goes
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Choosing which Calendar to Use
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Notice that the menu bar includes menus that deal with projects, resources, roles, and authentication. When the user chooses a menu option, a user control is dynamically loaded into the main area of the form. Figure 9-2 shows the application while the user is editing a project.
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Blend 3/SketchFlow
In the Values area of your pivot table, you have Sum of Quantity and Quantity as % of Row. You d like to hide the Grand Total for % of Row, because every row is 100%. You don t want to remove the grand total for Sum of Quantity. This problem is based on the GrandHide.xlsx sample workbook.
This chapter has given you a whistle-stop tour of the Oracle database on Windows, in particular the implications of running 32-bit Oracle on 32-bit Windows (don t do it), the structure and logic of the registry and the services that you are likely to encounter if administering databases on Windows. I haven t covered esoteric subjects such as obtaining thread stack dumps, NTFS configuration and optimization, and so on. For the most part this is because the Oracle Database on Windows, contrary to popular opinion, really runs surprisingly well. I hope you have fun doing so.
to the user as a hyperlink, though in reality it is more like a LinkButton when the user clicks a project name, a SelectedIndexChanged event is raised from the GridView control. Also of importance is the fact that the GridView control s DataKeyNames property is set to Id, so the Id property is specified as the unique identifier for each row of data. Without setting this property, the Delete link can t work. The view, edit, and add operations are all handled by ProjectEdit, so ProjectList is really just responsible for redirecting the user to that other page as appropriate. The delete operation is handled directly from ProjectList through a CommandField column in the GridView control. Notice that the GridView control displays paging links near the bottom. This is because paging is enabled for the control, as shown in Figure 10-16.
Editable Child Collection
After CSLA .NET has determined that you re doing a query on an Indexable field, it evaluates the Right side to determine the value that you re comparing to. The contents of the right side can be much more variable, including everything from a ConstantExpression that represents a value (such as 42) to something more complex, such as another method call. In the case of a ConstantExpression, CSLA .NET simply casts it back to an object that is comparable to the property on the Left side. Other expressions require a dynamic invocation of the expression. You do this by calling the Compile() method on the expression, compiling the expression, and subsequently calling DynamicInvoke() and executing the expression. The result is an object that should at least be able to be tested for equality, and possibly other operations depending on the IComparable status of the property.
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