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Whenever possible, database access should be performed through stored procedures. Stored procedures offer powerful security control over the database and perhaps most importantly provide an abstraction layer between the physical structure of the database and the logical way in which it is used. The business objects created in s 17 and 18 will make use of stored procedures for their database interaction. I think this is true, even though you may use LINQ to SQL or other technologies to access the database. At the same time, technologies like LINQ to SQL offer flexible query capabilities that are nice to use. So, I typically compromise, using LINQ to SQL to query for data and using stored procedures (called through LINQ to SQL) for insert, update, and delete operations. You can use Server Explorer to add the stored procedures to the database by right-clicking the Stored Procedures node under the database and choosing Add New Stored Procedure. This opens a designer window in which you can write the stored procedure code. When you close the designer, the stored procedure will be added to the database. Let s look at the stored procedures you ll need, starting with addProject.
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Figure 2-5. The ASP .NET AJAX architecture
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Figure 25-1. Syntax for a format item The first thing in the format item is the index. As you well know by now, the index specifies which item from the list following the format string should be formatted. The index is required, and numbering of the list items starts at 0.
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Figure 3-11. Value type and reference type variable declarations
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Four built-in common language runtime type codes, described in Table 8-5, do not denote any specific data or pointer type but rather are used as modifiers of data and pointer types. None of these modifiers has an associated .NET Framework type. Table 8-5. Modifiers Defined in the Runtime
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Figure 9-9. Click the MainPage.xaml tab to return to MainPage. private void MyButton_MouseLeave(object sender, System.Windows.Input.MouseEventArgs e) { // TODO: Add event handler implementation here. }
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Synchronization is explained in 24.
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class that inherits from the default Emulator class. For the following examples, a new battery component is registered. Do not forget to call the base implementation of LoadDefaultComponents so that the fundamental components will be loaded. protected override void LoadDefaultComponents() { base.LoadDefaultComponents(); BatteryCell battery = new BatteryCell(); battery.ComponentId = "myBattery"; RegisterComponent(battery); } Now that the component is added to the emulator with program code, you will learn how to remove it using a configuration file: < xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" > <Emulator> <Types> <Battery>Microsoft.SPOT.Emulator.Battery.BatteryCell</Battery> </Types> <EmulatorComponents> <Battery removes="myBattery" /> </EmulatorComponents> </Emulator> Although the component is being removed, you need to specify a valid type. In this case, Battery is defined as Microsoft.SPOT.Emulator.Battery.BatteryCell, like the component that will be removed. A valid type is either the data type of the component to remove or a subclass of it. The existing battery component can also be updated, and the properties of the component can be changed later using the configuration file without needing to register a new component. Properties not specified in the configuration file will keep their original values. < xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" > <Emulator> <Types> <Battery>Microsoft.SPOT.Emulator.Battery.BatteryCell</Battery> </Types> <EmulatorComponents> <Battery updates="myBattery"> <Voltage>5123</Voltage> <StateOfCharge>35</StateOfCharge> </Battery> </EmulatorComponents> </Emulator
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shown in Figure 5-30, along the default normal. Now imagine that your Up direction (along the default normal) is the z-axis, your Right direction is the x-axis, and your Forward direction is the y-axis.
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This concludes the introduction to the WSE 2.0 API. The remaining chapters in the book are dedicated to showing you how to use the WSE API to implement the WS-Specifications in your own service-oriented applications.
public void Run() { // Create an instance of the Web service proxy StockConsoleProxy serviceProxy = new StockConsoleProxy(); // Configure the proxy serviceProxy.Url = ConfigurationSettings.AppSettings["remoteHost"]; // Submit the request to the service Console.WriteLine("Calling {0}", serviceProxy.Url); string Symbol = "MSFT"; Quote q = serviceProxy.RequestQuote(Symbol); // Display the response Console.WriteLine("Web Service Response:"); Console.WriteLine(""); Console.WriteLine( "\tSymbol:\t\t" + q.Symbol ); Console.WriteLine( "\tCompany:\t" + q.Company ); Console.WriteLine( "\tLast Price:\t" + q.Last ); Console.WriteLine( "\tPrevious Close:\t" + q.Previous_Close ); } } } Figure 4-5 displays a client console application that interfaces to the StockTraderContracts Web service using the modified proxy class. Please refer to the sample application (available from the Source Code/Download section of the Apress web site at for full code listings.
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