Develop Data Matrix ECC200 in visual STRINGS AND CHARACTERS

Figure 6-19. The Blend 4 New Project dialog box.
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The ScriptManager control provides an error handling mechanism whereby you can specify the HTML to render when an error condition is met. This is particularly useful for the client experience because you can then help your users gracefully handle errors. Within the ScriptManager control, you can use the <ErrorTemplate> tag to define your error message in HTML. So, for example, the following script will produce a user-friendly response to an error: <atlas:ScriptManager ID="ScriptManager1" runat="server"> <ErrorTemplate> There was an error processing your action.<br /> <span id="errorMessageLabel"></span> <hr /> <button type="button" id="okButton">OK</button> </ErrorTemplate> </atlas:ScriptManager> The HTML defined within the <ErrorTemplate> element will render in a simulation of a modal dialog box. This is achieved by the rest of the page being partially obscured using a semitransparent overlay. The HTML within the <ErrorTemplate> element is enabled and active. This allows you to design a pretty rich error display according to your preferences.
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CHAPTER 3: App Cubby
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DisplayArray(myArray); } function DisplayArray(arr) { var i; var strArray=''; for (i in arr) { strArray+=(i+':'+arr[i]+', '); } alert (strArray); } </script>
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In this example, you will learn how to manipulate controls directly.
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You can easily make a sound loop by setting its LoopEvent property to Infinite in the XAct audio tool. To do this, open your XAct project, and select the sound you want to loop in your sound bank. Once you ve selected the sound, the Play Wave entry should be visible in the upper-right corner of the Sound Bank pane. Click the Play Wave node, as shown in Figure 7-2. After clicking the Play Wave node, its properties should be visible in the Properties box in the bottom-left corner of your XAct window. Find the LoopEvent property, and set it to Infinite. Make sure you save your XAct project.
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The IBindingList interface allows for removal of the sort. The result should be that the items in the collection return to their original order. This is handled by an UndoSort() method: private void UndoSort() { _sortIndex.Clear(); _sortBy = null; _sortOrder = ListSortDirection.Ascending; _sorted = false; OnListChanged(new ListChangedEventArgs(ListChangedType.Reset, 0)); } Removing a sort is just a matter of setting _sorted to false and clearing the various sort-related fields. Most important is calling Clear() on _sortIndex, as that releases any possible object references to items in the original collection. Because removing the sort alters the order of items in the view, the ListChanged event is raised to tell the UI that it needs to refresh its display of the collection.
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Web service client projects do not need to register the SOAP extension, but they do need to register the WebServicesConfiguration class. In addition, the client s Web service proxy class must inherit from
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