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The following code uses the using statement twice once with a class called TextWriter, and once with a class called TextReader, both from the System.IO namespace. Both classes implement the IDisposable interface, as required by the using statement. The TextWriter resource opens a text file for writing and writes a line to the file. The TextReader resource then opens the same text file, and reads and displays the contents, line by line. In both cases, the using statement makes sure that the objects Dispose methods are called. Notice also the difference between the using statements in Main and the using directives on the first two lines. using System; using System.IO; // using DIRECTIVE; not using statement // using DIRECTIVE; not using statement
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Invalidating the Server-Side Cache
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Modifiers Used
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Figure 2-17. UML sequence diagram for the retrieval of an existing business object Alternatively, the DataPortal_Fetch() method could delegate the fetch request to a persistence object from another assembly, thus providing a clearer separation between the Business Logic and Data Access layers. As with the create process, in an n-tier physical configuration, the criteria object and business object move by value across the network as required. You don t have to do anything special beyond marking the classes as Serializable; the .NET runtime handles all the details on your behalf. You may also choose to use the DataContract and DataMember attributes instead of Serializable, but only if you exclusively use WCF for serialization. I discuss this in 6 but generally recommend using Serializable as the simplest option.
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Figure 13-19.
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Figure 32-20. Selecting the Employee type Click the Finish button, and then select the Show Data Sources item from the Data menu. This will open a window that will list the available data in the project, which will include the data model we created and the Employee class we just added. Select the Employee item (the one that is at the top of the list, not the one under the NorthwindEntities item), drag it to the Form window on the design surface, and drop it. A series of controls will be added to the surface, as shown in Figure 32-21.
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Lock Escalation or Limits Yes
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of the verification code entirely once you create a policy framework file for the Web service.
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Business object creation N-level undo functionality Data binding support Validation rules A data portal enabling various physical configurations Transactional and nontransactional data access Authentication and authorization Helper types and classes For each functional group, I ll focus on a subset of the overall class diagram, breaking it down into more digestible pieces.
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s If you re using a database other than SQL Server 2005 Express, you should translate the table creation and Tip stored procedures to fit with your environment. You can find the database, table, and stored procedure scripts in the PTData project in the code download from
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