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You might guess from what I ve just said about the destructor suppressing the finalizer that the finalizer doesn t get called directly for objects created with stack semantics. When objects with stack semantics are destroyed at the end of a function scope, the destructor is called, but not the finalizer. Code that frees the resources should be written in the finalizer, and the destructor should call the finalizer. That way, you know your cleanup will be called regardless of whether the destructor is called or not. If it is called, the cleanup executes because the destructor calls the finalizer, and the finalizer cleans up. If it is not called, the finalizer eventually is called by the garbage collector or application shutdown process, that is, when the application domain (the CLR term for the entire space that all the application s names exist in) shuts down. In Listing 6-18, one file is opened using a native file handle, an unmanaged resource. Another file is opened using the StreamWriter class. Listing 6-18. Handling Managed and Unmanaged Resources // file_converter.cpp #include <stdio.h> #include <string.h> #include <stdlib.h> #include <vcclr.h> // for PtrToStringChars
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Figure 4-17. When completely configured, step 1 of our workflow should look similar to this. That takes care of the first step in our workflow. We can continue with the subsequent steps.
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If you are using Visual C++ 2005 or Visual C++ 2008, you may use the compiler directly from the command line, perhaps using makefiles or a tool that ships with Visual Studio called MSBuild to build your applications. Or, you may prefer to use the Visual Studio IDE. Among many C++ programmers, the command line is still king. The examples in this book will all run from the command line. It s sometimes better to learn how to use the compiler from the command line and then transfer that knowledge to the IDE.
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This code simply displays each high score in the top 100 in a simple HTML table, along with the score and the player s full name. Finally, open the file simple_high_score_service/config/routes.rb in your text editor, and add the code marked in bold in Listing 2-3, right after the second line. Don t touch or erase anything else; just insert the four lines of code in bold after the resource mapping for high_ scores.
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WriteAllLines(string, string[]) WriteAllLines(string, IEnumberable<string>)
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Figure 1-7. Chunky vs. chatty design in logical application layer designs This is what it means to be stateless. There are no fields in the object sense. A service class has no variables declared that have class level scope. There d be no point to it, as instances of a service type don t necessarily survive across requests, even if they re two requests from the same client. If object pooling, or especially if just-in-time activation, is used, then objects must be stateless. If they re not, then state information could be passed from one user to another as instances are grabbed out of the pool. This would yield unpredictable results at best, behavior that could only fairly be described as a bug. This is what it means for an interface to be chunky. Chatty interfaces are also sometimes called fine grained, while chunky can also be called coarse grained (see Figure 1-7). SOAP is also not necessarily simple. This has proven to be such a poor acronym that the W3C has started saying it s not an acronym at all. It s just SOAP They ve renamed it the XML . Protocol (as if they can unacronymize something. That d be like verbing the word acronym). They should have gone with the Service Oriented Architecture Protocol. That works, doesn t it This service layer sits in front of another generalized stateless layer that acts as the entry point to the data access layer. This layer exposes types, whose methods each map directly to a stored procedure living within DB2. The service layer may aggregate calls to different methods on this data access layer. It may even create several different types from the data access layer, and aggregate the results to prepare an entire result set to send back to the client. This is called service aggregation, and it s a common pattern at this public level of a service layer, as it s designed to minimize round trips from the client to the server. The service layer aggregates data that meets the requirements of a specific user interface. Reuse is gained at the data access
Having the ability to analyze the expression tree that is passed to the Where() method in CSLA .NET provides an opportunity to optimize the query. Any indexing implementation is going to require Building and maintaining an index Intercepting the normal query operation such that the query can utilize the index
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