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WCF4 has great new routing capabilities that save you from writing your own message routing solution. A routing solution can be very useful for many scenarios such as: Crossing network boundaries Redundancy providing alternative endpoints in case of failure Load balancing Bridging of different protocols Versioning Providing an additional layer of security
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Your pivot table contains an Order Status field in the Row Labels area, and you d like to create a Sold item that sums the orders with a status of Shipped, Pending, or Backorder, but doesn t include Canceled orders. The example shown is from the OrderStatus.xlsx workbook.
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The BusinessListBase class also defines the data access methods discussed previously in the section on BusinessBase. This allows retrieval of a collection of objects directly (rather than a single object at a time), if that s what is required by the application design. Typically only the following methods are implemented in a list: DataPortal_Create() DataPortal_Fetch() There is a DataPortal_Update() method, but BusinessListBase provides a default implementation that is usually sufficient to save all objects contained in the list.
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Figure 11-10. Results of invoking the GetResourceList method
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Exception specifications are a C++ feature that allow a programmer to declare what exceptions a particular function can throw. This is intended as a heads-up to users of a function that they
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The way you define the vertices of your triangles tells XNA which side you want to be facing the camera. When rendering a solid object, a human can clearly say which side of each triangle is on the inside or on the outside of the object. To render only the necessary triangles, you could ask XNA to render only the triangles, of which the front side is facing the camera. All the other triangles (of which the front sides are turned away from the camera) are on the back side of the object and are hidden by triangles on the front side! However, things are not so trivial for a computer. For each triangle you define, you need to indicate which side of it is on the inside or the outside. You do this by defining the three vertices of a triangle in counterclockwise or clockwise order.
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In this example, I have duplicated the apricot list item so that IndexOf and LastIndexOf will generate different results. Compiling and running the code in Listing 19-7 produces the following results: IndexOf: 1 LastIndexOf: 6
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10. Now you need to create a private variable called _MyFruitColor and set it to
I argue that this is a good thing. XML was never intended for human consumption, and a good programming toolset should always provide higher-level abstractions so programmers don t have to deal with XML directly.
For read-only objects, retrieval is the only data access concept required. Editable business objects and editable collections (those deriving from BusinessBase and BusinessListBase) support update, insert, and delete operations as well.
We then set values for the fields we want to include. For this demonstration, I am going create a new employee record that contains values for just the FirstName, LastName, and City fields, like this: newRow["FirstName"] = "Adam"; newRow["LastName"] = "Freeman"; newRow["City"] = "London"; We now have to add the DataRow object to the DataTable, even though we used the DataTable to create the DataRow in the first place. A common mistake is to forget this step, which means that the new data won t be written to the database. We use the Add method on the collection returned by the Rows property, as follows:
The WS-Secure Conversation (and WS-Trust) specification provides the means for a client and a service to establish an optimized secure communication channel for a session, that is, an established duration of time. Secure conversation uses a security token that is procured by a service token provider following the initial handshake, or exchange of original security tokens, by the service and client. The security token is used to encrypt and sign all subsequent SOAP messages that are exchanged between the service and client. This process involves an initial amount of overhead, but once the channel is established, the client and service exchange a lightweight, signed security context token, which optimizes message delivery times compared with using regular security tokens. The security context token enables the same signing and encryption features that you are used to with regular security tokens. Secure conversation is analogous to communications over the HTTPS protocol. HTTPS establishes a secure channel for the duration of a session and ceases to be in effect once that session is over. The classic example is an e-commerce transaction, in which you browse a catalog over an unsecured channel, but then you establish a secure channel for the purpose of completing a sales transaction with the vendor. The communication needs to be secure because sensitive payment and order information is being exchanged, so the client and the vendor need to establish a secured channel for as long as it takes to complete the transaction. For performance reasons, the client does not need or even want to establish a continuous secure session for every interaction with the vendor. HTTPS is useful for providing ondemand secure communication for exactly as long as it is needed.
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