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TimeOfInstantiation. The DateTime class is from the BCL, and Now is a static property of the DateTime class. The Now property creates a new instance of the DateTime class, initializes it with the current date and time from the system clock, and returns a reference to the new DateTime instance.
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creates an alias called B for the BillingSystem namespace. Once you have created an alias like this, you can refer to any of the types in the BillingSystem namespace via the alias, like this:
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// Set a reference to the proxy class StockTraderServiceWse serviceProxy = new StockTraderServiceWse(); // Call the Web service RequestQuote() method Console.WriteLine("Calling {0}", serviceProxy.Url); Quote strQuote = serviceProxy.RequestQuote("MSFT"); // Results Console.WriteLine("Web Service call successful. Result:"); Console.WriteLine( "Symbol: " + strQuote.Symbol ); Console.WriteLine( "Price: " + strQuote.Last ); Console.WriteLine( "Change: " + strQuote.PercentChange + "%");
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The System.IO.Compression namespace contains two pass-through streams that can be used to compress and decompress data. The DeflateStream class uses the deflate compression algorithm, while the GZipStream class uses gzip. I ll focus on the GZipStream in this section, but both classes operate in the same way, other than for the compression algorithm they employ. You create GZipStream objects directly using the constructor:
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You will see the email shrink and fly into the Trash Can, so it can be deleted. TIP: You can use the Settings app to make your iPod touch ask you before deleting email. To do so, tap Mail, Contacts, Calendars and set the switch next to Ask Before Deleting to Yes. You can organize your mail by moving it into other folders. Email messages can be moved out of your Inbox for storage or for reading at another time.
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The Common Language Specification (CLS) specifies the rules, properties, and behaviors of a .NET-compliant programming language. The topics include data types, class construction, and parameter passing.
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Besides instance fields, classes can also have static fields. A static field is shared by all the instances of the class. With a static field, all the instances access the same memory location. If the value of the memory location is changed by one instance, the change is visible to all the instances. The static modifier is used to declare a field static, as follows: class D { int Mem1; static int Mem2; Keyword }
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VBByRefStr AnsiBStr TBStr VariantBool
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6.10. Using Pivot Fields: Collapsing All Items in the Selected Field
control it programmatically in the C# of MainPage.xaml.cs. So in MainPage.xaml, locate the XAML for your Button, and give it the name of MyButton as shown in the following code: <UserControl x:Class="EventsAndEventHandlers.MainPage"
Figure 1-1. A generic sequential workflow has a prescribed path through the process. Looking at Figure 1-2, you can see that on the one hand, the representation of the workflow is much simpler; there are only two structures states and events. On the other hand, the process seems more complex because there is no way to start from the beginning and step through to the end there is no prescribed path to follow. Office 2007 supports either type of workflow. We ll cover each in more detail and with concrete examples in the next sections.
First, we upload a large amount of data to blob storage. The results are shown in Figures 3-13 and 3-14.
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