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Figure 4-22. Step 3 in our custom workflow
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There s a related issue too, which is when another user edits the list of roles. That issue is harder to solve and requires either periodic cache expiration or some mechanism by which the database can notify the client that the roles have changed. Solving this problem is outside the scope of this discussion.
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The primary job of CriteriaBase is to provide a default implementation of ICriteria, making it easy to create a custom criteria class by simply subclassing CriteriaBase: <Serializable()> _ Public Class MyCriteria Inherits CriteriaBase Public Property Value1() As String Get End Get Set(ByVal value As String) End Set End Property Public Property Value2() As String Get End Get Set(ByVal value As String) End Set End Property Public Sub New(ByVal value1 As String, ByVal value2 As String) MyBase.New(GetType(MyBusinessClass)) Me.Value1 = value1 Me.Value2 = value2 End Sub End Class The line of code in bold indicates the key point of interaction between this subclass and the base class. The CriteriaBase class needs to know the type of business object being created, retrieved, or deleted. It gets this Type object as a parameter to its constructor, and that value is typically provided directly by the subclass.
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Switching to indices is some kind of optimization, so before moving over to indices, you should first try to render your vertices without indices.
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Thread t = new Thread(MonitorQueue); t.Start(); } protected override void OnStop() { bDone = true; } //Class Definition Continues The overridden onStart method is called when the Service is started, either at system startup or when an administrator starts it manually from the Services applet. This code ensures that the queue you ll be using exists, and then starts a listener thread using the address of the MonitorQueue method. You ll look at the code for monitor queue shortly. The QLibrary.DocDescription type contains some types that you ll use from both the client and the server, so it lives in its own assembly. The definition of the string QueueName (used above) looks like this: public const string PrivateQ = @"\private$\"; public const string LocalQName = "queuetest"; public static readonly string QueueName = string.Format("{0}{1}{2}", System.Net.Dns.GetHostName(), PrivateQ, LocalQName); This builds up the full name of the queue you ll be monitoring. The overridden OnStart method instructs your code to create a private queue named queuetest that you ll monitor from the service. MonitorQueue is the process that waits for messages to come into the queue, and then processes them. There are a couple of different ways you can monitor a queue. You can set up a trigger, which relies on another Windows Service to monitor the queue and then pass the messages to a component of your choosing. Using this results in code that looks more like event trapping code. The downside of this approach is that you must set up the trigger on the server hosting the queue, resulting in more complex deployment and configuration. The other method is to write your listener as a polling application. The algorithms used to do this can become quite complex. You can create your own thread pools, and you re also in control of the polling frequency used on each thread. Further, you may have many queues involved. What you need will depend upon the type of processing the listener will be doing and the expected load patterns of messages coming into the queue. The example here is quite simple: It uses a single thread that s listening for incoming messages and then processes them (from Program.cs in the ConsoleHost project of the Code08 solution). private void MonitorQueue() { Message msg; while (!bDone) { try {
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QMNC and Qnnn: Advanced Queues
How It Works
For example, the following code contains an outline of the declaration of a property named MyValue. You write to and read from the property using just the property name, as if it were a field name. int MyValue { set{ ... } get{ ... } } ... Property name MyValue = 5; z = MyValue; Property name // Property declaration
The WriteLineIf method works in a similar way to the Assert method, although the message is sent when the bool parameter is true. The WriteLine method always writes its message. There is no condition to evaluate. Both of these methods provide support for specifying a category, which can be used to provide additional context in your debug output.
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