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Grid.Column and Grid.Row so that your code looks like this: <TextBlock Margin="23,37,21,51" Text="Row 0 Column 0" TextWrapping="Wrap" Grid.Column="0" Grid.Row="0"/> <TextBlock Margin="23,37,21,51" Text="Row 0 Column 1" TextWrapping="Wrap" Grid.Column="1" Grid.Row="0"/> <TextBlock Margin="23,37,21,51" Text="Row 1 Column 0" TextWrapping="Wrap" Grid.Column="0" Grid.Row="1"/> <TextBlock Margin="23,37,21,51" Text="Row 1 Column 1" TextWrapping="Wrap" Grid.Column="1" Grid.Row="1"/>
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<Serializable()> _ Public Class MyListClass Inherits Csla.NameValueListBase(Of KeyType, ValueType) #Region "Factory Methods" #End Region #Region "Data Access" #End Region End Class The one exception to this is when you use the ObjectFactory attribute on the business class, in which case there would be no Data Access region because that code would be in a separate object factory class. And objects that inherit from EditableRootListBase will typically have the following regions: Factory Methods Data Access This means that the skeletal structure of an editable root list object, with these regions, is as follows: <Serializable()> _ Public Class MyListClass Inherits Csla.EditableRootListBase(Of MyRootType) #Region "Factory Methods" #End Region #Region "Data Access" #End Region End Class Again, the one exception is when you use the ObjectFactory attribute on the business class; there would be no Data Access region in this case either. The Business Methods region contains the methods that are used by UI code (or other client code) to interact with the business object. This includes any properties that allow retrieval or changing of values in the object as well as methods that operate on the object s data to perform business processing. The Business Rules region contains the AddBusinessRules() method and any custom validation or business rule methods required by the object. The Authorization Rules region contains the AddAuthorizationRules() and AddObjectAuthorizationRules() methods. The Factory Methods region contains the Shared factory methods to create or retrieve the object, along with the Shared delete method (if the object is an editable root object). It also contains the default constructor for the class, which must be scoped as non-Public (in other words, Private or Protected) to force the use of the factory methods when creating the business object. The Data Access region contains the DataPortal_XYZ or Child_XYZ methods, unless you use the ObjectFactory attribute, in which case any code that would have been in the DataPortal_XYZ methods is in a separate object factory class. Your business objects may require other code that doesn t fit neatly into these regions, and you should feel free to add extra regions if needed. But these regions cover the vast majority of code required by typical business objects, and in most cases they re all you ll need.
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The assignment operators evaluate the expression on the right side of the operator and use that value to set the value of the variable-type expression on the left side of the operator. As in C and C++, the value assigned to the left-hand side can be modified if the operator is a compound assignment operator. The assignment operators are listed in Table 8-14. The assignment operators are binary and left-associative. Table 8-14. The Assignment Operators
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A lot of this may not make much sense right now, but don t worry if you didn't understand all the details we ve just discussed. As you work through the examples in this book and see how elegantly ASP.NET AJAX script interacts with the underlying HTML and understand how the server-side controls eliminate much of the manual scripting, it will become much clearer. In this chapter, you were introduced to the overall architecture of ASP.NET AJAX, given a tour of the various features the architecture offers, and introduced to how it can empower the development of richer browser-based clients. ASP.NET AJAX is based on two pillars. The first pillar is the client-portion, Microsoft s AJAX Library, which encapsulates many common functions, provides an object-oriented programming environment for JavaScript developers, and enables access to ASP.NET Web Services. The second pillar is the ASP.NET 2.0 AJAX Extensions, which is a set of server controls that implicitly generates the JavaScript code that is needed to implement your AJAX application on the client. In the next chapter, you ll see in more detail how the AJAX Library makes writing the JavaScript portion of your AJAX applications much easier and how the different aspects of the library come together to provide a unified design and coding framework. You ll also get an overview of each of the library s namespaces and their associated classes and will learn about details of the object-oriented environment it provides, with features such as types, namespaces, and inheritance.
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The Elements method returns those XElements that are immediate children of the current node. If you want to get all the XElements, including children of children, then you can use the Descendants method. Listing 29-12 provides a demonstration, using the following XML file, which is saved in the project directory: < xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" > <Fruit> <Name>Orange</Name> <Size>Large</Size> <ItemsInStock>250</ItemsInStock> <Description> <Color>Orange</Color> <Flavor>Citrus</Flavor> </Description> </Fruit> I have added some new elements to the XML in this file, some of which are not children of the root node. Listing 29-12. Finding Immediate and All Descendants using System; using System.Collections.Generic; using System.Xml.Linq; class Listing 11 { static void Main(string[] args) { // load the XML file using the static Load method XElement myRootElement = XElement.Load(@"..\..\fragment.xml"); // get the child elements IEnumerable<XElement> elementsEnum = myRootElement.Elements();
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3. 4. 5. 6.
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Another drawback to starting with the UI is that users often see the mocked-up UI in a demonstration and assume that the application is virtually complete. They don t realize that the bulk of the work comes from the business and data access logic that must still be created and tested behind the UI. The result is that developers are faced with tremendous and unrealistic time pressure to deliver on the application, since from the user s perspective, it s virtually complete already. The third option is to focus on business concepts and process flow. This is the middle road in many ways, since it requires an understanding of how the users will interact with the system, the processes that the system must support, and (by extension) the data that must flow through the system to make it all happen. The benefit of this approach is that it s very business focused, allowing both the analyst and the end users to talk the language of business, thereby avoiding computer concepts and terminology. It also lends itself to the creation of object-oriented designs, because the entities and concepts developed during analysis typically turn into objects within the application. The drawback to this approach is that it doesn t provide users with the look and feel of the UI or the graphical reinforcement of how the system will actually work from their perspective, nor does it produce a clear database design. It leaves the database analyst to do more work in order to design the database. Personally, I use a blend of the business concept and UI approaches. I place the strongest emphasis on the business concept and process flow, while providing key portions of the UI via a prototype, so that the user can get the feel of the system. Since end users have such a hard time relating to database diagrams, I almost never use data-focused analysis techniques, instead leaving the database design process to flow from the other analysis techniques. In this chapter, I ll make use of the business concept and process-flow techniques. It s difficult to storyboard the application at this stage, because we ll be developing both WPF and Web Forms user interfaces, along with a WCF service application interface. The starting point, then, is to create a set of use case descriptions based on how the users (or other applications) will interact with the system.
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Figure 6-66. The MediaElement now has an Ellipse Clip Geometry. You may notice that the MediaElement is sitting above the highlights and a little bit of the decorative Rectangles. To change that you need to move TheME into the Backplate Canvas and just under the highlight Ellipses.
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The following two tables summarize the characteristics of the five member access levels. Table 7-1 lists the modifiers and gives an intuitive summary of the effects of the modifier. Table 7-1. Member Access Modifiers
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You can perform simple read and write operations using the convenience methods in the System.IO.File class. For anything more complex, you need to use streams, readers, and writers. In this section, I ll explain the role of each of these type categories and demonstrate how they are used.
Since this is an implementation of n-level undo capability, each object could end up storing a number of snapshots. As each undo or accept operation occurs, it will get rid of the most recent snapshot stored; this is the classic behavior of a stack data structure. Fortunately, the .NET Framework includes a prebuilt Stack(Of T) class that implements the required functionality. It is declared as follows:
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Console.WriteLine(results); Trace.WriteLine(results); return message; } #region Console Utilities static public string ProcessPassword() { StringBuilder password = new StringBuilder(); ConsoleKeyInfo info = Console.ReadKey(true); while (info.Key != ConsoleKey.Enter) { if (info.Key == ConsoleKey.Backspace) { if (password.Length != 0) { password.Remove(password.Length - 1, 1); Console.Write("\b \b"); } } else if (info.KeyChar >= ' ') { password.Append(info.KeyChar); Console.Write("*"); } info = Console.ReadKey(true); } Console.WriteLine(); Console.Write( string.Format( "--- Please sit back and wait for your account to be authenticated from .Net access service {0}{0}...{0}", Environment.NewLine ) ); return password.ToString(); } #endregion } } 2. Define a client communication channel interface IAccountFederationClientChannel derived from the interface System.ServiceModel.IClientChannel in order to do the duplex communication. The code is shown in Listing 5-2. This listing is for the implementation of the Main() function of the host application.
Lastly, double-click the Timer control so that it will generate the event handler stub for the OnTick event of the Timer control. The markup in your page now has the <asp:Timer> tag already defined. Here s an example of a timer that has been customized with a 4,000-millisecond interval (4 seconds), with the name Timer1, and the event handler Timer1_Tick:
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