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Classifying an Error and an Exception
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'ANSI_NULLS' is not a recognized SET option. Msg 40512, Level 16, State 1, Procedure InsertCompletedScope, Line 5 Deprecated feature 'Data types: text ntext or image' is not supported in this version of SQL Server. Msg 195, Level 15, State 5, Line 2 'ANSI_NULLS' is not a recognized SET option. Msg 195, Level 15, State 5, Line 2 'ANSI_NULLS' is not a recognized SET option. Msg 40517, Level 16, State 1, Line 16 Option 'pad_index' is not supported in this version of SQL Server. 8. Modify the output script as follows. a. Delete all:
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4. Change your code so that it resembles the following:
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The CREATE PFILE...FROM SPFILE command we just saw is the opposite of CREATE SPFILE. It takes the binary SPFILE and creates a plain text file from it one that can be edited in any text editor and subsequently used to start up the database. You might use this command for at least two things on a regular basis: To create a one-time parameter file with some special settings, to start up the database for maintenance. So, you d issue CREATE PFILE...FROM SPFILE and edit the resulting text PFILE, modifying the required settings. You d then start the database, using the PFILE=<FILENAME> option to specify your PFILE instead of the SPFILE. After you finished, you d just up normally without specifying the PFILE=<FILENAME>, and the database would use the SPFILE. To maintain a history of commented changes. In the past, many DBAs heavily commented their parameter files with a change history. If they changed the size of the buffer cache 20 times, for example, they would have 20 comments in front of the db_cache_size init.ora parameter setting, stating the date and reason for making the change. The SPFILE does not support this, but you can achieve the same effect if you get into the habit of doing the following:
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Query an XML fragment.
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an #N/A error. Also, if an error exists in any month s results, it will carry down through the remaining months.
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A shared assembly is not part of a particular application and is designed to be used widely by various applications. Shared assemblies are usually authored by groups or organizations other than those responsible for the applications that use these assemblies. A prominent example of shared assemblies is the set of assemblies constituting the .NET Framework class library. As a result of such positioning, the naming and versioning requirements for shared assemblies are much stricter than those for private assemblies. Names of shared assemblies must be globally unique. Additional assembly identification is provided by strong names, which use cryptographic public/private key pairs to ensure the strong name s uniqueness and to prevent name spoofing. The central part of the strong name is the strong name signature (mentioned in 5) a hash of the assembly s prime module encrypted with the publisher s private key. Assembly metadata carries the publisher s public key, which is used to verify the strong name signature. A strong name also provides the consumer of the shared assembly with information about the identity of the assembly publisher. If the common language runtime cryptographic checks pass, the consumer can be sure that the assembly comes from the expected publisher, assuming that the publisher s private encryption key was not compromised. Shared assemblies are deployed into the machine-wide repository called global assembly cache (GAC). The GAC stores multiple versions of shared assemblies side by side. The loader looks for the shared assemblies in the GAC. Under some circumstances, an application might need to deploy a shared assembly in its directory to ensure that the appropriate version is loaded. In such a case, the shared assembly is being used as a private assembly, so it is not in fact shared, whether it is strong named or not.
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Figure 5-1. The TanZen icon
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dataContext id associatedElement behaviors
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